About us

The Hubs - Adam // Is the Assistant Superintendent at a local country club. He loves to go sturgeon fishing on the Columbia River, local dive bars, and spending time with our families. Adam also really loves, what I call, his 4 B's: The Bengals, The Buckeyes, The Beavers and The Blazers. His best friends are his siblings and he always puts others before himself. Adam is the most genuine and caring person I know. When he's not spending time on the river or watching sports you can probably find him outside, working on someones lawn, or possibly working on ours. Occasionally, I'll come home earlier than he's expecting and find him rocking out on his drum set in the basement. He's a fun loving, easy going guy & I'm blessed to call him mine!

Karli // I am the sole author of this little blog, Adam's not much of a writer. I currently work as a practice assistant at a local urgent care center. I do accounting, some marketing, some HR, billing and general practice management. I enjoy my day job but when I'm not at work, I'm still working on my dream job. In June I launched my own business a wedding and event coordination company. I'm working hard to reach my personal goals to eventually be so busy that I can't work a "day" job anymore. I love spending time with Adam snuggled up on the couch watching "How I Met Your Mother". My favorite winter pass time though would be attending Blazer games with Adam. My favorite people in this world are my nieces and nephew, Adam, and my Grandma & Grandad. I love my best friends like they're my sisters & am so blessed to have them in my life too.