Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Most Amazing Product E.V.E.R!!

Hello Ladies!! 

It's been a while, yes? I've had so much going on with my life recently but I wanted to share a fabulous product find! About 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with Celiac's disease.  I've been off of gluten for 2 weeks now and I have never felt better.  I was experiencing daily headaches, major skin issues, some stomach issues and I'm happy to report that all of the above is much better. 

However, discovering this intolerance to gluten has made me not only rethink my meals but also my make-up and cleansers!! I have always used Mary Kay and have been eh, somewhat happy with her products.  The only negative I've experienced is needing to retouch at the end of the day or cake on the mineral foundation. I use mineral because it's better for your skin as it allows your skin to breathe. After being diagnosed with Celiac I knew I wanted to switch to a gluten free brand. I'd had bad break outs recently.  My dad actually asked me if he and my mom needed to pay for me to visit a dermatologist and said "I've never seen you skin look bad, let a lone THIS bad, baby!!" Ya, that was not one of my happier moments. Well, I no longer need to retouch or cake on the make up because I found the BEST brand ever and it's gluten FREE!  Allow me to introduce you to...

Laura Mercier's products are seriously, amazing.  I've been using her Liquid Mineral Primer, and her mineral foundation for a week now and have never seen my skin look more flawless.  It provides awesome coverage with out using the entire supply in one sitting and it stays on.  I forgot to wash my face last night and I'm not kidding, I could go to work today wearing last nights make up and not need to retouch.  I'm not going to do that though, just trying to make my point.  It doesn't look like you're wearing much make up though. It's just perfect. 

I'm going to go back next week and purchase more products from her line. I did buy the flatback eye liner which I am also loving! Seriously, girls, I don't do product reviews unless I really love something.  Even then, I don't do them often.  If you're looking for a new brand because yours is just ok, look at Laura Mercier. You won't be disappointed. 

*** This product review is my opinion and my opinion only. I was not paid or promoted with Laura Mercier products to do this review. I did this review because I truly am pleased with the products I purchased. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wedding Day Fears.

I am the girl who tosses and turns all night 4 months away from her wedding thinking of all of the little details. I wake up in the middle of the night and have to reach for my laptop to stalk Style Me Pretty and Once Wed's photo galleries trying to find the exact detail I'm imagining. I am the girl whose fiance is saying "Can you come to bed without your boyfriend just for tonight?" or "Are you going to be on that much longer? I can't sleep with that click, click, click..!!" Yes, Mr. does lovingly refer to my laptop as my boyfriend.. So what? 

Even though I have O.C.D. (Yes, I do cut out the D for disorder.. I'm obsessive and compulsive but it's not a disorder y'all!) and the small details not being perfect are a wedding day fear but that isn't my biggest fear! My biggest wedding day fear is having fat arms. Yes, fat arms!!! I am so fearful of getting my wedding pictures back and only being able to focus on my arms looking fat! You know what I'm talking about? You have your arm in a slightly awkward position in a picture and your arm looks HUGE in that picture.. I'm scared it's going to happen in EVERY picture. So much so that I am determined to do Jillian Michaels and tone these guns! 

I have had a couple of wedding day dreams lately. Who am I kidding? I've had MANY wedding day dreams but most of them revolve around us getting ready, or seeing Mr. for the first time, or the officiant telling Mr. he may kiss his bride.. I've only had 2 that were on the not so great end of things...
The first was that my MOH's boyfriend showed up in wranglers and boots and brought their friend, who I'm not fond of, to the wedding. He then kept apologizing for wearing wranglers and boots. In my dream, and in real life, I was frustrated about him bringing the friend knowing how I feel about her. Well obviously, if he did bring her to the wedding, I'd just deal with it and make the most of the day. Not going to let anything small like that ruin my day. I did though tell my MOH and she laughed and said he'd never bring her with him.

The second was very vivid too. Background, my daddy is my everyday hero! He's always been my biggest fan. I've always been a daddy's girl. My dad has the ability to save the day, even on my worst day, he always makes it better. So this kind of rings true to our relationship. In my dream my dad and I were standing outside of the doors after all of the BM's had already walked down the aisle. The DJ started up the wedding march and the doors flew open! As my dad and I started to walk he stepped on my dress, tearing it at the seem in the back.  Well, my daddy thought fast and swooped me up, ran me back to a room, and sewed my dress back together. It looked perfect. He saved the day. Then he dried my tears told me it would be ok & we walked down the aisle. 

I was told recently not to stress the small stuff, not to think negative thoughts about my wedding.  A friend of ours said she stressed so much and that every thing she stressed about ended up coming true. She said she was worried that her wedding would end up looking like her high school prom and in the end it did look like her high school prom. 

I think from day one, Mr. and I have had a pretty good outlook on our wedding day.  We both know that something is bound to go wrong, or not as expected, but that's life.  At the end of the day as long as we're both standing up there committing ourselves to each other in front of family, friends and God, the day has turned out perfectly.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Have you seen the new(ish) show on E! called Bridalplasty?  The show where thousands of girls competed to get on this show to win plastic surgery prior to their wedding day?  This. show. makes. me. sick.

These women are actually fighting to have major surgery so they can have the 'perfect' wedding day.  We're not talking a boob job or whitening your teeth.. We're talking full blown FrankenHeidi Heidi Montag style MAJOR transformations.

Call me crazy but I'm marrying the Mr. because he loves me unconditionally as is and doesn't want me to change a thing about my appearance, personality, or habits. He accepts me as is. Isn't that part of the beauty of marriage? Knowing that you don't have to change a thing. To be comfortable in your skin even on your ugliest day knowing that your man still thinks your gorgeous?

I realize that these girls have major issues with insecurities. Insecurities so large that I'd suggest they wait to get married.  I truly believe that before you can be happy with someone else you must first learn to be happy with yourself. If you can't accept yourself as you are then you probably can't accept someone else as they are either. 

I think it's sickening that E! even airs this show.  What kind of message is this show sending to young girls who happen to watch? That prior to your wedding you need major surgery to have the perfect day? 

What are your thoughts on this show? Have you watched it? Or are you like me and have tuned in for a few minutes just to see what it's about and want to vomit?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

4 Months!

Tomorrow we are at the 4 month mark! I can not even begin to explain how crazy that is to me. We have been planning this wedding for 14 long months and now we're in the home stretch. 

I received an email today from paypal to notify me that my order had shipped - that order is referring to a large portion of our wedding favors.  I'll take pictures of these when I receive them and I'll consider posting a little hint.. I'm also in the process of working on several DIY projects.  I'm excited to have been able to put our own personal flare on things.  It's been fun for me to design and create so many of these projects.  I have never thought of myself as creative until now.  My mind is just constantly rolling and I'm always thinking of the next project. 

I ordered the girl's dresses last week! Big relief!! One of my girls has decided to step down from her BM duties. I was super sad at first but totally understand and respect her decision. She will still be attending the wedding as a guest and our friendship is still and will remain extremely strong. I love her and have to remember this isn't about me.

Mr. Vid is starting to work on a Pergula which we will stand under for our ceremony.. I have something fun and different to hang from the pergula during the ceremony too but you'll have to wait to see what exactly that is. 

We have a meeting this weekend with the clubs wedding coordinator to finalize the menu and go over the day of expectations! So exciting. We'll also be ordering our cake this weekend. We've gone cake tasting 4 times at the same place and have yet to order because we want more free cake! Lol, but we're down to the wire and need to place the order.  So, this will be our final tasting!!

I'm sorry for the lack of blogging lately! I've missed you all and keeping you updated on the planning. I can't wait until the wedding is over so I can spill the beans and share all the little details with you!! I'm still reading and promise to get better about commenting again.  I didn't have a computer for a while, as my battery port broke, but Mr. Vid bought me a new MacBook Pro for my "wedding present" so I'll be back.  He told me that I can't continue to plan the wedding to the capacity that I have been without a laptop. I love that man!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas & a great & safe new year!