Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Boys Attire..

I decided to do this post a day early.. I have a little free time today so I thought I'd give you all something to read and vote on! :)

As we've started to get further into wedding planning the attire for the men in the wedding has really been weighing heavy on my mind. I've been debating between tuxedo's and suits. I do know that I want the guys wearing gray though which is a helpful. Our main color is eggplant purple. Softer shades of cream, purple, pink and orange are going to be the colors in my bouquet while the bridesmaids will have strictly color. The alter bouquet's will have a mix of all of the colors as will the centerpieces. The overall look is more vintage chic which is why I really want gray on the guys.

Now since you're aware that the overall look is vintage chic and have an idea of what the floral and colors are.. I'm taking votes.

Men's Gray Suit Pictures, Images and Photos

Mens  Suits Pictures, Images and Photos


tuxedo Pictures, Images and Photos

Or Tuxedo's?

**all images via link

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm still alive!

Hello Ladies! 
I'm still alive, I promise! - Thank you to those of you who emailed me to check in on me! :)

As I mentioned a few weeks back work has me swamped right now and while I'm thankful for the work & my future w/ my company I'm exhausted by the end of the day!

I do have some news as far as wedding planning goes and plan to do a big Wedding Wednesday update. 

I'll be discussing:
The Save The Dates 
The Florist
The Officiant
The DJ
The boys attire :D

I'm excited to update all of you! 
I hope you're having a great Monday!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Nov 7, 2009

**Warning: This is a really long post but I promise you'll get a laugh out of it if you stick it out!**
Good morning ladies! A few weeks ago I mentioned that Mr. got a new truck, and in that post I also mentioned that I didn't want to get stuck on top of the mountain again.. Yes, again, this year! So I thought that I'd take the time today to tell you all that story! :)

It was Nov. 7, 2009, Mr. had proposed the night before & we were headed to his sisters house to celebrate his nieces birthday. Now keep in mind that only one of his siblings knew that we were engaged out of 4 & his parents did not know. So we got up around 8am and loaded up the truck we were moving a long quite nicely. Well his sister lives 3 hours away and we have to go over a mountain to get to her house.

Mt. Hood Pictures, Images and Photos

Mt. Hood typically has snow from October to April - so we knew that the pass could be bad and that the best plan of attack was to take the truck because it had four wheel drive. We'd been on the road for about an hour & half when we began to make the climb on the mountain. We were about 45 minutes out of cell range when the following conversation occurs:
Mr: Oh Shit.
Me: What?
Mr: I just lost my power steering...!
Me: That's not funny.
Mr: Yeah, it wouldn't be if I were kidding.
Me: Seriously?
Mr: Yes! I have NO power steering right now.
Mr: Seriously, calm down. We're not going to die.
So we find a place to pull over after going around a few corners & Mr. says that the belt came off but he has an extra.. Then he explains that he's going to need my help putting it on.. The following conversation occured:

Me: I don't even have a coat!! I'm in heels.. Are you KIDDING?!
Mr: No, I'm not kidding. If you want to go anywhere today I'm going to need help.

So, I get out and freeze my ass off to try to help - and i'm not strong enough. THANKFULLY this sweet couple pulled over to help & they had tools! YAY!!

So we finally get the belt back on & Mr. gets in the car & says:

Mr: I think we should keep going.
Me: Then you're going on your own. I'll hitch hike back to town. Don't test me.
Mr: We're half way there.
Me: Ya, and only 10 minutes from a store down the Mt that has a phone so we can call AAA!!
Mr: I think we'll be fine.
Me: You're nuts! I'm not going to risk getting stuck at the top of the mt with no way down.
Mr: Fine.

So he turns around & heads back down the mountain.

Maybe a mile later the belt flies off again... 
He puts it back on.
Another mile - it's off again.
He puts it back on.
Another mile - it's off again.
So he decides we'll drive down the Mt. without the belt until we can get to the store. We get it back on at the store and maybe 100 yards from the store it flies back off.

I cry. Like sobbing. I walk back to the store - in heels, in the snow - & call my daddy from the store. The conversation went a little like this:

Me: Daddy, can you come get me!? We're stuck on top of the Mt - Mr.'s truck broke.
Daddy: I'm on my way to a football game. I'm not coming to get you. 
Me (sobbing): Football is more important than your daughter stuck on the Mt.?
Daddy (laughing): You're with Mr. - you're fine!
I walk back to the truck & Mr. says that we'll just drive the 45 min to the next town with out the belt.. 
I'm game. The next town has cell service & we can call AAA.

An hour & a half later we arrive in the town of Zig Zag. It took us so long because we drove approx 2 mph in the emergency lane with the AC on in the dead of winter to keep the truck from over heating with out the belt! Ya, I was not happy.

We pull over and call AAA and they tell us the tow truck will arrive in about an hour. So we decided to eat at Subway and wait in there where it was warm. 
While we're waiting I call Mr.'s sister so she knows what is going on considering we should have made it to their house about an hour earlier. 

She then sends me a text that said something like "M (mr's niece) says it's okay if you can't make it. She understands and doesn't want you driving if it's not safe!" M is only 7! I cried - like sobbing uncontrollably & wrote back to assure her we'd be there even if it took us all night (which it did).
Finally the tow truck arrived and we loaded up the truck to tow it home. About an hour later we made it home. We transferred everything from the truck to my car, went potty, and hit the road - again! It was now like 130pm.
We made it about 2 hours when Mr. decided he should pull off and put my chains on because the roads were getting bad. 

I got out too and tried to help him for about 10 min when I finally realized I wasn't helping and decided it would be best for me to just sit in the car and stay warm. So Mr. is still working hard to get the first chain on when I realize that there is a snow plow coming and shooting the snow directly at us! I tried so hard to get Mr.'s attention but he kept working. The snow plow finally reached us & shot snow directly on him. He had snow in his ears! He was soaking wet & he looks up to see me in the car laughing so hard that I'm crying! 

I guess he didn't find it so funny.

So he gave up on the chains and we got back on the road. The rest of the trip was smooth and we made it to his sisters around 7pm. They had dinner & drinks ready for us when we walked in the door. 

The rest of the story will have to be continued Monday - how his family found out we were engaged! :)
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Saks off 5th Ave!!!!!!!!

Last night we went to dinner with Mr.'s siblings.. and a little birdy told me (aka my SIL) that our local mall recently got a Saks off 5th Ave & they have Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, & Brian Attwood for $250 dirt cheap...... HELLO WEDDING SHOES!

Sorry to have been MIA this week.. I've written posts I just haven't posted them. I'm SUPER busy right now and probably will be for the next 6-9 months with work. All GOOD things but that means I might be a not so great blogger for a while.

Please bare with me :)

I am still reading  your blogs and am going to work on posting a few times a week even if that means I have to schedule time to blog! 

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So What Wednesday

Good Morning, ladies! I don't know about you all but I'm so ready for the weekend.
I've been battling a cold all week and it's finally getting the best of me. I guess that is what happens when all you do is go, go, go, huh?

I'm very excited to say that the lovely Mrs. Dew has provided a link to link up with her on So What Wednesday! You should all go check it out and play along! 

So What Wednesday :
  • So what if I'm wearing jeans to work today.. If you don't like it Mr. Boss Man I'll let ya know where to stick it.
  • So what if I have bags & dark circles under my eyes today.. I needed that extra hour of sleep this morning & I'm out of concealer.
  • So what if I thought about calling in today just to sleep.
  • So what if I haven't been shopping in MONTHS - the wedding budget is loving me.
  • So what if I had to purchase a second wedding gown - it's my damn wedding and I'll have what I want - after all WE are paying for it!
  • So what if we're not aiming to please anyone but ourselves when it comes to our wedding.. If you have a problem with it then I'll remind you that you had your day and now we're going to have ours! 
  • So what if I'm so ready to be married and done with the wedding planning - isn't that what the big day is about anyway? Marrying your best friend...? 
Courtney over at Courtney's Organized Chao's  tagged me in the following questions. You should all go check her out too!

1. What is your favorite book?
My favorite book .. Tough question. I love to read. I love anything written by Nicholas Sparks. The first book I ever read and loved is:

nicholas sparks, the rescue Pictures, Images and Photos

This book today is still one of my favorites.
That along with the Twilight Series - LOVE

2. What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about a lot of things. Right now, though, I'd have to say I am most passionate about my career.. I am working SO hard to educate people about something that I feel is very important. Unfortunately, I can't discuss that on the blog as it's a big no no with my company. If I could sit down with each and every one of you though I'd be ecstatic.

3. What is something you would learn how to do?
I would love to learn how to make beautiful jewelry! Doesn't it sound fun to be able to create your own gorgeous pieces to wear all the time?

4. Which came first the chicken or the egg?
Honestly, I'm too tired & run down to think this through BUT since Adam & Eve came before the egg that made the baby I'm going to say the Chicken. 

5. What is your favorite leisure activity?
Sleeping! LOL I LOVE naps!!
6. Describe a time you got in trouble.
Oh my, when I was 4, I asked my Momma to buy me glitter - she said no, so being the little sneaky girl I was I stuck the glitter in my pocket with the intent of putting it up on the conveyor belt with out my mom noticing, well I forgot to put it on the conveyor belt.. We got home & my sister found me playing with it & asked my mom why she didn't get her any... OH boy, my mom came running in, took it away, called the manager at the store, explained what had happened. She also told the manager that she was bringing me back & that she didn't want her to go easy on me.. She wanted her to teach me a lesson.. So she took me back to the store, with the glitter in hand, & POLICE are there.. The manager says to me "Do you know what you did? You STOLE from our store. Do you know what I can do to you? I can send you with those police men & have you taken away from you mommy and daddy! Is that what you want?!?!" I of course am bawling my eyes out and saying "NO!!!" so the lady said "Ok, then promise me you will NEVER steal something again!" I promised and I've kept that promise. In fact I've never even THOUGHT about stealing something since then. 

7. What about your personality do you wish you could change?
I would like to have better control of my temper with the Mr. I often times get irritated over really small things and he is so patient with me about everything. It really bothers me and it's something I'm working on changing. 
8. What are you vain about?     
I am vain about clothing. I love my designer jeans. I don't look at others who don't wear sevens, citizens, paige premiums poorly at all but I won't wear anything but designer jeans! They're so much more comfortable & they really do last longer! Although, maybe that has more to do with the number of jeans I cycle through? 

I am so not with it today so I'm going to skip tagging 8 people BUT if you want to play along, please do! 

Courtney, thank you for tagging me! :) I've really enjoyed reading your blog and am looking forward to hear more about your wedding plans! 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Prayers, The Dress, & Weekend Plans!

Good Morning Ladies!

First of all I'd like to ask those of you who pray to pray today for my cousin Amber's beautiful, sweet daughter Amaya. You can read more about them here.
Today the state of Florida will make a decision on Amaya's behalf that could be a huge victory for our family. All we want for this baby girl is to be raised by and around people who have loved her since the day she was born. We know that's what her Momma would want too. Today we will find out if that is possible.
If you're not one to pray well wishes are greatly appreciated too!
Now, on to the fun stuff! 
I know so many of you are wondering if I found it yesterday.. First I want to tell you about my amazing experience & then I'll answer that question! :) 
Tuesday I went to a local Bridal Boutique (If you live in PDX area let me know and I'll tell you the name of it, although, I'm sure you've heard of it!) just to browse and see if they could get me in for an appointment sometime soon. The girls were amazingly sweet - all of them! The OWNER walked me through the shop and showed me all of the different gowns, designers, and styles. She was so sweet!! 
I told her why I was in and that I was looking for a new gown. She was really sympathetic and really wanted to know what it was about my gown that I didn't love to ensure that they knew what I wasn't looking for in a gown.
I described one that I had seen but they didn't carry the designer - well she found one that looked very similar the only difference was the neck line. 
So, I set up an appointment and went in last night with my mom, SIL Allison, and best friends Brianne & Allison.
I was there about 30 min early because traffic was a breese so my consultant started me early. She was FABULOUS. There wasn't a single dress that she pulled in that I didn't like something about. She totally took what I had told her and found the perfect gown - and it happened to be the FIRST gown I tried on when it was just me and my mom. 
Well, the girls got there and we kept trying on other gowns. They all loved several of them but my mom and I kept saying "Ya, I like it but not as much as the first gown.." The girls were like "I want to see the FIRST gown then!!" 
I narrowed it down to 3 gowns that I loved and went in backward order from what I considered second runner up, runner up & The ONE!
Well they all loved the second runner up, then they loved the runner up more, then they LOVED THE ONE! Once I put that on they all said "OH my gosh! I totally see why this has been the one to beat!"

I didn't want to take the gown off. I seriously would have left the store wearing it if they would have let me!!

The best part - it was HALF of the NEW budget that the Mr. gave me. The second best part - it was only $125 MORE than the original dress I had purchased. That also kinda frustrates me to know that I bought a beautiful designer gown for $125 more than a DB gown.. BUT it's ok because I have the dress of my dreams now!

I'm so happy and relieved!

Tonight is D & R's going away party! I'm SO sad to see them leave on Monday but I'm also so happy for them. R will be able to play a lot of golf and D is interviewing for an AWESOME job down there! Pray for her too that she gets the position! ;) We will miss them but we also know that they'll be back in the spring for the summer! & at Christmas. Plus we can't complain - we'll have a place to go visit too! :)

We have a busy busy weekend ahead of us! Tomorrow AM the Mr. and his Bro & SIL Allison are coming over at 6, yes, 6AM! for us to leave and head down to Corvallis for some Beaver Believer Football!
oregon state Pictures, Images and Photos
Allison & I apparently do not have to worry about a thing. I am told we get to sit back, relax & drink our coffee w/ baileys while the boys cook! Sounds like a good time to me, right? ;)

Happy Friday! :)

Hope you all have a great weekend.