Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You're right, I don't like that idea...

Happy Birthday to me! 

Scene - Front office my boss walks in with flowers and a card and says "Happy birthday!" 

I open the card to find that they're paying me to take Friday off for my birthday. Our office is closed all of next week. I text the Mr.

Me: J &C are paying me to take Fri off as part of my bday present! They said they wanted to extend my weekend! 
Mr.: I know you're probably not going to like this idea but what about working Fri and seeing if they'll pay you for one of the other days next week..
Me: You're right, I don't like that idea...
Mr: It's more money for you to shop with.
Me: I'm good, thanks. 
Mr: I love you.
Me: You're a buzz kill, thanks!
Mr.: Wait, are you really buzzed? It's only 2PM.... And you're still working....

Oh, he's so cute.  And no, for the record I was not really buzzed at 2PM on a work day. I might be next week though! :)

It's my birthday and I'll eat candy for breakfast if I want to!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Pictures, Images and Photos

Today is my birthday and after watching the midnight showing of Eclipse last night and barely getting to work on time this morning I decided I'd eat my left over theater candy for breakfast.. Hey, the birthday girl gets to do what she wants right?? I'll probably pay for it later with a headache BUT in the mean time my birthday breakfast was fabulous! 

Who saw Eclipse last night?? What did you all think?!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mr. Vid and I need YOUR help!!

I need your help!! Our amazing photographer posted our engagement photos on her blog and she's hosting a give away of sorts.  If we get 30 comments on the post featuring us then she will GIVE us a FREE canvas!!!

I am enlisting all of you amazing followers to help us win this canvas! You can go here and help us out!

I will be forever greatful to any and all of you who help us out! :) Plus our photog is awesome and she's totally worth checking out!

Hope you all have had an awesome weekend.

**Edit - To help us out go to

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Favorites

This is my very first time playing along with Jenn's Friday Favorites.  This week is Favorite celebrity couple that didn't make it.

Spencer and Heidi- Speidi!!!

Heidi and Spencer Pratt Pictures, Images and Photos

Did I scare you?! Ha! I kid. I actually am surprised these two made it as long as they did. Heidi was cute and sweet before she moved in with crazy Spencer.

Ok, so really I have a few that I love so I'm going to list them all in no particular order.

hair for wedding Pictures, Images and Photos
Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm really not a fan of Brangelina! I think that Jennifer is so much prettier and she just has so much more class.  Maybe Brad will wise up one of these days and it won't be too late.

nick jessica Pictures, Images and Photos

nick and jessica Pictures, Images and Photos

Jessica seemed so comfortable with Nick. It never seemed like he made her feel stupid for her blonde moments. They just seemed so perfect together.

kim kardashian Pictures, Images and Photos

Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush Pictures, Images and Photos

jk Pictures, Images and Photos

Kim and Reggie were adorable together! I thought they'd make it. Maybe they'll reunite?

jake gyllenhaal & reese witherspoon Pictures, Images and Photos

Reese and Jake were one of my favorite celebrity couples. I'm still sad they split!

Who were your favorite celeb couples that split? Go over to Jenn's Blog and play along!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

When I started the wedding planning process I was gun-ho about creating my own bouquet. My mom and I even did a test run with a small bouquet of roses. As time goes on though I feel that I would rather have a gorgeous bouquet created for me and my beautiful bridesmaids. 

I've seen many beautiful arrangements and feel blessed that our venue has huge picture windows over looking a prestigious golf course so the setting is there and we don't have a need for table arrangements which will cut the cost of our floral substantially!

I recently started researching florists in Portland and found a few that I really liked. I have emailed one in particular several times but when I asked about scheduling a consult she failed to get back to me. It's been 3 weeks and I've emailed again with no response. I'm sorry but I don't care how gorgeous your work is if you can't respond to an email in a fairly timely manor then why would I trust that you'd be responsive the week of the wedding? I know this florist creates beautiful wedding arrangements but I prefer vendors who are reliable. This was discouraging.

Yesterday, I found an awesome florist in Portland who I hadn't seen before. She was even better than the girl that I loved. She's replied to my email quickly and told me when I could schedule a consult! I'll be calling on my lunch hour to schedule that. If I do book her I'll do a post all about her at a later date!

Did any of you have issues with vendors responding quickly and decide against them in the end because of it? Or did you have trouble contacting them but loved them so much that you booked them anyway? What was the end result if you did book a vendor who wasn't the best at communicating? Did you regret it? Did it turn out awesome?

Happy hump day.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top 2 Reality TV Shows.

I'm playing with Taylor again this week on Top 2 Tuesday!

This week it's all about your top 2 reality TV shows!! Mr.Vid says I'm the reality TV queen! He hates it.

I will have a hard time narrowing it down to 2 so we will go with 4 and in random order.

1) tori and dean, stella, and liam Pictures, Images and Photos

Tori & Dean. I love that this season they were so real with the ups and downs of their marriage! I feel like people got a real glimpse of how normal they are when it comes to things like family. Also, Liam says some pretty funny stuff and Stella is adorable!

kardashians Pictures, Images and Photos

The Kardashian's!! Love, love, love them! They're wild, they're funny and they're family, not to mention they're all gorgeous!

2007 Giuliana DePandi Bill Rancic Pictures, Images and Photos

Guiliana and Bill!! Love this show. They are such a cute couple. They're sharing with the world their struggle to get pregnant! I'm hoping season 3 brings them a baby!

bethenny frankel Pictures, Images and Photos

Bethenny Getting Married is my newest obsession. For some reason I can't get enough of this show. She's crazy but she is hilarious!


My birthday is next week and I don't have anything on my list of wants....? I feel like this is the first time in my life that there isn't something that I feel I need.

What has Mr.Vid done to me? He's ruined my shopping addiction.

Any of you have something you feel you need right now? Maybe I could steal one of your ideas!! 

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Show us your life - Proposal!

This is my first time playing along with Kelly's Show Us Your Life but I have a feeling I'll be playing a long more! This is such a fun post for me. As I am busy planning the wedding, working full time and working on starting my own business part time it's nice to go back and reflect on the day that brought us here.  

Mr.Vid and I had been talking about marriage for a while.  For a few months we were seriously talking about it so I knew it was coming.  We'd gone out and looked at rings at five different stores and I had picked one that I loved from each store and had trusted him to pick the best for me.  Well 6 months went by and we stopped talking about getting engaged and Mr.Vid started to tell me that maybe right now wasn't the best time to get engaged. Little did I know that he was trying to distract me. 

Friday November 6, 2009 we had plans to attend a Blazer game. This was not unusual as we have season tickets. I received a text from Mr.Vid around 230 in the afternoon that said "Can you get off early? I was thinking Red Robin before the game..?"  Now, Mr.Vid and I had recently started budgeting pretty strictly and the weeks leading up to this I had not spent a dime on anything outside of the budget.  I instantly thought that he was taking me to dinner because he was proud of the fact that I'd stuck to the budget so well. I agreed and came home around 230. I told him that we needed to run into my hometown to pay off our Les Schwab bill and he was reluctant to do so but agreed. After that we ran to the mall so I could grab a few things that I wanted needed at Nordstrom. Mr.Vid was acting so weird.  He kept grabbing his pocket and checking the time. I thought maybe he was worried that we wouldn't make it to dinner on time. So I bought my items and we left. Mr.Vid popped the trunk and I put my bags in the trunk and walked around my car to the passenger side.  He shut the trunk and followed me. I asked him what he was doing and told him that he was still driving. He stood in front of me silent, staring at me with tears in his eyes, his hands out in front of him cupped.. I was so confused and honestly did not have ANY idea what was going on. I kept asking him what he was doing and then he moved his top hand and in front of me was my dream ring.  

At this point I thought I was on an episode of punk'd. I kept saying to him "Are you kidding me? In a parking lot? Really?" He never even asked me to marry him he just said "Well I guess I can take the ring back..?" At that point we both started laughing and I realized that he wasn't kidding and he was asking me to marry him in the Sears parking lot. The reason being that he'd thought up a huge numbers scheme and he had to ask me to marry him at 15:16PM (4:16PM). 

I realized that we were only a minute away from my mom and sisters work and called my mom and said "Are you working from work today?" (Friday's she usually works from home) She told me she was and I told her to have my sister Sarah meet her on her floor and I'd be there in 2 minutes. I got off the elevator and my mom and sister were sitting there waiting for me. I stepped off and no more than said "We are" when my mom said "LET ME SEE THE RING!!" They had known all day. The night before Mr.Vid asked my dad to meet him for a beer and had asked for his permission to ask me to marry him. My dad swore he wouldn't say anything but when he got home from work 4 hours late he had to explain.  He told my mom and sister that he had a beer with Mr.Vid and they knew something was up. When my mom said "Is he going to propose?" My dad smiled and said "tomorrow".

My parents, my sister, and Mr.Vid's sister all successfully kept their mouths shut and I was totally taken by surprise. 

I don't have pictures from the proposal as I didn't have my camera. :(

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is love?

Lately I've seen a lot of women on Facebook posting things along the lines of their love life.  More often than not I see things that are rather dramatic.  It seems that many women put up with a dramatic relationship. Or rather a toxic relationship. 

I feel that love does not mean control. If your significant other wants to know who you're with, what you're doing, what you're eating, and what you just glanced at every second of the day... He's controlling not loving. I've seen so many girlfriends go through this personally. I had a boyfriend that was a bit controlling when I was in high school and when that ended I vowed that I'd never put up with that again. 

I feel that love does not mean perfection. Sorry y'all - Mr.Vid and I are not all sunshine and rainbows or puppy dogs and pickles.. We have honest conversations about our likes and dislikes, our satisfaction and dissatisfaction. We argue - some days more than others. We try not to fight though.  When I say fight I mean say things we'll later regret.  But by all means we're far from perfect.

I feel that love means comfort. I'm comfortable with Mr.Vid. When I'm sad he's the one I turn to. When I'm mad he's the listening ear I want around. When I'm sick he's the one I want to cuddle with.  When I have cramps he's the one I want to rub my back until I fall asleep.  He makes me feel beautiful in sweats, with greasy hair and no make up. He makes me feel comfortable, not uncomfortable. One of my best friends told me recently that her boyfriend of over a year had never seen her in sweats or without make up... SAY WHAT?! Girls if you think he's a keeper get comfortable and then decide.

I feel that love is having comfortable silence. Sometimes I want to sit with Mr.Vid and just not talk. I just want to feel him. I want to just be with him. I don't need conversation to feel comfortable with him.

I feel that love is an action. I don't need Mr.Vid to tell me he loves me. I feel it. He shows it daily by cuddling me after his alarm has gone off before he gets out of bed.  I feel it when I walk in the door after work and he smiles and gets off the couch to give me a hug. I feel it when he's washed and folded a load of my laundry because he knows I've had a busy week. I feel it when he hugs my niece and nephew when he sees them. I feel it when I receive his morning texts that say "Morning Beautiful. I love you." I feel it when he's knows I'm sick so he brings me medicine in bed. I feel it when I walk in the door after a long day and he has dinner made. I feel it daily.. I don't need him to open his mouth to tell me he loves me because I feel it.

Clearly, I don't feel that love should be toxic. I don't feel that love should be stressful or dramatic.  I feel that love should just be.  I think that love for many young woman is distorted.  I feel that many women settle for a man who doesn't love them with actions but rather says the words.  We all deserve the actions. 

What is love to you?!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pin the junk on the hunk....?

As the wedding approaches, yes we're still a year away, my girls have been asking me about a Bachelorette party... At first I had told them that this was up to them. They should plan whatever they see fit and I'll go with the flow. 
Now if you know me, that phrase right there "I'll go with the flow" isn't exactly fitting to my personality. I'm a planner. I want to know what we're doing and when we're doing it. BUT for this event I had promised myself that I'd be flexible.

That was until I logged into Facebook and saw that my cousin, who is a BM, had posted pictures of the Bach party she recently helped plan.. This photo album had the following series of pictures. - My reaction to follow each description.

Pin the junk on the hunk.. - Really? I'm kind of over the shock of a penis and trying to figure out where it goes.. I don't know about you all but this seems a little less than classy. I just can't see myself enjoying that. I was never a big fan of pin the tail on the donkey either.

Female Strippers... - Again, really?!?!?! If you're going to hire strippers get some hot men in there. But please, for me, don't hire strippers.. At all.

Wasted Bride all over random men.. - Uh this is supposed to be your last night of singled-om not slut-ism! How would you feel if your soon to be hubs was all over random women?

Now, I realize that this is just a few single girls enjoying a night out on the town with their soon to be married friend. But y'all I want a night IN. A night IN a nice cozy house with wine and a hot tub! A night where we can relax and enjoy each others company in a stress free environment. 

So this morning I sent out a text to my girls who are in charge of the planning that said

"Promise me there will be no 'pin the junk on the hunk'..No strippers, male OR female! Let's do something a little more relaxing for my bach party.."

The reply from one of the girls
"I was thinking renting a house in Sunriver or Eagle Crest would be perfect..?"



What did you all do for your bach parties? Was it wild or was it relaxing?

Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Missing Child.

Here in Portland we've all been praying and sending well wishes to searchers, Kyron and the family of missing Kyron Horman.  This sweet 7 year old little boy went missing on Friday morning from his Elementary school after a science fair.  The police haven't given the Media much information on the search but we do know that this sweet boy is missing and has been for 6 days.

If you're one to pray please pray for Kyron's safety and that he is found and reunited with his family soon! 

If you're not one to pray well wishes would be appreciated. 

I've attached a link to the story on the search as well as the Missing Child posters.

This story makes me sick to my stomach.  I can't imagine how his family is feeling!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

It's Wedding Wednesday here in bloggy land so I thought I'd give you all an update on our wedding planning! I know so many of you love all things wedding :)

Well, for starters I have booked the Most AMAZING make up artist for the day of. She will do both my hair and make up!
Nicole Wagner - Check her out if your in PDX!

Mr. Vid recently conveyed to me that getting married in the Catholic Church was not that important to him and that he actually had some concerns about it.

The first being that a full mass was mandatory!  I know that for some this isn't a big deal, however, for me it was. A full hour of standing up in front of 200 + guests is nerve racking. I think standing up in front of 200 guest for 1 second is terrifying, let alone an hour!

The second being that we really wanted a 5 o'clock wedding.  The absolute latest we'd be able to hold the ceremony at the Church would be at 3. Meaning that we'd have to move the reception up to about 430.. Totally was not our initial vision. 

The solution...? I'm thinking we go back to our original plan.  Plan to have our ceremony on the front lawn at the Country Club and if it's supposed to rain we'll move it indoors. I've set up a meeting with the coordinator at the club to discuss our options regarding a rain plan and am hoping Mr. Vid will like the options we're given!

I have lots of fun stuff planned as far as the wedding goes BUT you'll have to wait to see them as they come along! 

Happy Hump day!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!

 I'm playing along with Taylor this week! 

Top 2 Favorite Books.

I can not even tell you how hard this is going to be for me. I love to read! So much so that I just purchased a Kindle last week and can not wait for it to arrive!! 

I hated reading when I was younger.  My cousin Michelle finally got me into it one summer by handing me this book: 

1) The Rescue written by Nicholas Sparks. 
This book is an easy read! I actually just re-read it over the weekend. I finished it in a day. Super quick read and it has a great story line.  I personally own each and everyone of Nicholas Sparks books and love him as an author.

2) The Twilight Series! I wanted NOTHING to do with anything Twilight at first. My sister was reading them, then my mom, and finally my mom and I were sick one day so we watched Twilight the movie.. I was hooked. LOVE this series and will likely be reading it again after all of the movies come out! 

What are your favorite books? Do any of you own the Kindle or another E Reader? Do you love it?!

A bit under the weather..

I looked like this all weekend...

feeling sick cartoon Pictures, Images and Photos

I stayed in bed and wished I was up to going out and enjoying the first nice day since March.. But I didn't.

Still not feeling to awesome today but I did make it into work today.  I feel that is progress. 

Hope you all got out and enjoyed some nice weather this weekend. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Wish For You...

 My wish for you
Is that this life becomes all that you want it to
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small
You never need to carry more than you can hold

And while you're out there gettin' where you're gettin' to
I hope you know somebody loves you
And wants the same things too
Yeah, this is my wish

Wish tree Pictures, Images and Photos

I love the idea of a Wish Tree at our Reception.

I love the one pictured above. It's simple, elegant, and I feel adds so much life to a reception.

I love the idea of taking the wishes and turning it into a coffee table scrap book that we can look back at years later.
I love that the wishes will be from so many different walks of life.  Long time married couples, divorced men and woman, both with wisdom or what to do and what not to do and children who are so innocent and have not yet experienced a broken heart.

Did any of you have a wish tree? Or are you planning to have one?