Friday, June 11, 2010

Pin the junk on the hunk....?

As the wedding approaches, yes we're still a year away, my girls have been asking me about a Bachelorette party... At first I had told them that this was up to them. They should plan whatever they see fit and I'll go with the flow. 
Now if you know me, that phrase right there "I'll go with the flow" isn't exactly fitting to my personality. I'm a planner. I want to know what we're doing and when we're doing it. BUT for this event I had promised myself that I'd be flexible.

That was until I logged into Facebook and saw that my cousin, who is a BM, had posted pictures of the Bach party she recently helped plan.. This photo album had the following series of pictures. - My reaction to follow each description.

Pin the junk on the hunk.. - Really? I'm kind of over the shock of a penis and trying to figure out where it goes.. I don't know about you all but this seems a little less than classy. I just can't see myself enjoying that. I was never a big fan of pin the tail on the donkey either.

Female Strippers... - Again, really?!?!?! If you're going to hire strippers get some hot men in there. But please, for me, don't hire strippers.. At all.

Wasted Bride all over random men.. - Uh this is supposed to be your last night of singled-om not slut-ism! How would you feel if your soon to be hubs was all over random women?

Now, I realize that this is just a few single girls enjoying a night out on the town with their soon to be married friend. But y'all I want a night IN. A night IN a nice cozy house with wine and a hot tub! A night where we can relax and enjoy each others company in a stress free environment. 

So this morning I sent out a text to my girls who are in charge of the planning that said

"Promise me there will be no 'pin the junk on the hunk'..No strippers, male OR female! Let's do something a little more relaxing for my bach party.."

The reply from one of the girls
"I was thinking renting a house in Sunriver or Eagle Crest would be perfect..?"



What did you all do for your bach parties? Was it wild or was it relaxing?

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Oh gosh...I am right there with you on pin the junk on the hunk. hahaha I don't think I would have liked that. I will say my Bachelorette party was a bit wild and crazy. It was in Cancun, Mexico and seriously one of the most fun nights of my life. It was all my best friends & sister and we honestly just had a good time with the girls! :)

    I can't wait to hear all about yours when it gets closer.

  2. I'm a weirdo, I don't think I even want a bach party, or a shower, or a big wedding...(don't stone me!)
    Your post made me laugh "slut-ism" made me cackle! :)
    Diggin your blog with a shovel!!

  3. Ohhhhhhh I can't stand the whole "traditional bachelor/ette parties". REALLY? You aren't single, there is no last night of being single because you're ENGAGED!!!!! I hate that crap. I think a girls night of wine in a hottub is EXACTLY what I would want. (Can you tell I am getting excited over this with all my caps letters!! lol) Seriously though, I am so glad that your friends know you and are planning something that is YOU and not a bunch of penis, stripper crap!