Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!

 I'm playing along with Taylor this week! 

Top 2 Favorite Books.

I can not even tell you how hard this is going to be for me. I love to read! So much so that I just purchased a Kindle last week and can not wait for it to arrive!! 

I hated reading when I was younger.  My cousin Michelle finally got me into it one summer by handing me this book: 

1) The Rescue written by Nicholas Sparks. 
This book is an easy read! I actually just re-read it over the weekend. I finished it in a day. Super quick read and it has a great story line.  I personally own each and everyone of Nicholas Sparks books and love him as an author.

2) The Twilight Series! I wanted NOTHING to do with anything Twilight at first. My sister was reading them, then my mom, and finally my mom and I were sick one day so we watched Twilight the movie.. I was hooked. LOVE this series and will likely be reading it again after all of the movies come out! 

What are your favorite books? Do any of you own the Kindle or another E Reader? Do you love it?!

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  1. okay Ive got to read twilight after hearing all the raves about it!