Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You're right, I don't like that idea...

Happy Birthday to me! 

Scene - Front office my boss walks in with flowers and a card and says "Happy birthday!" 

I open the card to find that they're paying me to take Friday off for my birthday. Our office is closed all of next week. I text the Mr.

Me: J &C are paying me to take Fri off as part of my bday present! They said they wanted to extend my weekend! 
Mr.: I know you're probably not going to like this idea but what about working Fri and seeing if they'll pay you for one of the other days next week..
Me: You're right, I don't like that idea...
Mr: It's more money for you to shop with.
Me: I'm good, thanks. 
Mr: I love you.
Me: You're a buzz kill, thanks!
Mr.: Wait, are you really buzzed? It's only 2PM.... And you're still working....

Oh, he's so cute.  And no, for the record I was not really buzzed at 2PM on a work day. I might be next week though! :)


  1. That is totally something S would have suggested... haha...
    That's so nice of them for paying you for Friday though!!!

  2. Happy late birthday! What a great thing for your office to do for you! :)

  3. Happy belated birthday! :) What sweet people you work with for them to pay for you to have the day off!

  4. Happy belated birthday to you! Hope it was a good one!