Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Favorites

This is my very first time playing along with Jenn's Friday Favorites.  This week is Favorite celebrity couple that didn't make it.

Spencer and Heidi- Speidi!!!

Heidi and Spencer Pratt Pictures, Images and Photos

Did I scare you?! Ha! I kid. I actually am surprised these two made it as long as they did. Heidi was cute and sweet before she moved in with crazy Spencer.

Ok, so really I have a few that I love so I'm going to list them all in no particular order.

hair for wedding Pictures, Images and Photos
Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm really not a fan of Brangelina! I think that Jennifer is so much prettier and she just has so much more class.  Maybe Brad will wise up one of these days and it won't be too late.

nick jessica Pictures, Images and Photos

nick and jessica Pictures, Images and Photos

Jessica seemed so comfortable with Nick. It never seemed like he made her feel stupid for her blonde moments. They just seemed so perfect together.

kim kardashian Pictures, Images and Photos

Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush Pictures, Images and Photos

jk Pictures, Images and Photos

Kim and Reggie were adorable together! I thought they'd make it. Maybe they'll reunite?

jake gyllenhaal & reese witherspoon Pictures, Images and Photos

Reese and Jake were one of my favorite celebrity couples. I'm still sad they split!

Who were your favorite celeb couples that split? Go over to Jenn's Blog and play along!


  1. Kim & Reggie! Love! Didn't think of them! I thought they were in it for the long haul too!

  2. Oh Reggie!!! REGGIE REGGIE REGGIE!!!! ::swoon::
    that is all

  3. omg you had me going with Speidi haha! Love all of your picks!!

  4. Love all your picks! Heidi WAS so sweet, and I totally thought Reggie would be the one Kim would marry, lol!

  5. Kim and Reggie were so good together!

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  7. Jake and Reese were my FAVE! I was so sad when they broke up. Their kids are adorable. If I had to choose a couple that I am MOST happy about them breaking up, that would be Jake and Vienna (Bachelorette) HANDS DOWN!

  8. I'm a huge Jessica and Nick fan! Wish they would of made it!

  9. I totally agree with you about brangelina mrs, vid! I like jennifer aniston so much better. She is way prettier than angelina jolie.