Sunday, January 9, 2011


Have you seen the new(ish) show on E! called Bridalplasty?  The show where thousands of girls competed to get on this show to win plastic surgery prior to their wedding day?  This. show. makes. me. sick.

These women are actually fighting to have major surgery so they can have the 'perfect' wedding day.  We're not talking a boob job or whitening your teeth.. We're talking full blown FrankenHeidi Heidi Montag style MAJOR transformations.

Call me crazy but I'm marrying the Mr. because he loves me unconditionally as is and doesn't want me to change a thing about my appearance, personality, or habits. He accepts me as is. Isn't that part of the beauty of marriage? Knowing that you don't have to change a thing. To be comfortable in your skin even on your ugliest day knowing that your man still thinks your gorgeous?

I realize that these girls have major issues with insecurities. Insecurities so large that I'd suggest they wait to get married.  I truly believe that before you can be happy with someone else you must first learn to be happy with yourself. If you can't accept yourself as you are then you probably can't accept someone else as they are either. 

I think it's sickening that E! even airs this show.  What kind of message is this show sending to young girls who happen to watch? That prior to your wedding you need major surgery to have the perfect day? 

What are your thoughts on this show? Have you watched it? Or are you like me and have tuned in for a few minutes just to see what it's about and want to vomit?

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  1. I've also watched an episode of this show, and I have to totally agree with you: it makes me sick. Its unbelievable that E would make a show like this that is glorifying plastic surgery. What ever happened to loving yourself the way you are?