Thursday, January 6, 2011

4 Months!

Tomorrow we are at the 4 month mark! I can not even begin to explain how crazy that is to me. We have been planning this wedding for 14 long months and now we're in the home stretch. 

I received an email today from paypal to notify me that my order had shipped - that order is referring to a large portion of our wedding favors.  I'll take pictures of these when I receive them and I'll consider posting a little hint.. I'm also in the process of working on several DIY projects.  I'm excited to have been able to put our own personal flare on things.  It's been fun for me to design and create so many of these projects.  I have never thought of myself as creative until now.  My mind is just constantly rolling and I'm always thinking of the next project. 

I ordered the girl's dresses last week! Big relief!! One of my girls has decided to step down from her BM duties. I was super sad at first but totally understand and respect her decision. She will still be attending the wedding as a guest and our friendship is still and will remain extremely strong. I love her and have to remember this isn't about me.

Mr. Vid is starting to work on a Pergula which we will stand under for our ceremony.. I have something fun and different to hang from the pergula during the ceremony too but you'll have to wait to see what exactly that is. 

We have a meeting this weekend with the clubs wedding coordinator to finalize the menu and go over the day of expectations! So exciting. We'll also be ordering our cake this weekend. We've gone cake tasting 4 times at the same place and have yet to order because we want more free cake! Lol, but we're down to the wire and need to place the order.  So, this will be our final tasting!!

I'm sorry for the lack of blogging lately! I've missed you all and keeping you updated on the planning. I can't wait until the wedding is over so I can spill the beans and share all the little details with you!! I'm still reading and promise to get better about commenting again.  I didn't have a computer for a while, as my battery port broke, but Mr. Vid bought me a new MacBook Pro for my "wedding present" so I'll be back.  He told me that I can't continue to plan the wedding to the capacity that I have been without a laptop. I love that man!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas & a great & safe new year! 


  1. Happy 4 months until you're married! :)

  2. Happy 4 months to go!!! How very exciting!!

  3. Yay, the big day will be here soon! Enjoy yourself and I can't wait to see it all!

  4. Sounds like things are coming together for the wedding! I, on the otherhand, have stopped planning altogether because school was definitely the priority for the past couple of months. But, I am back in the saddle, so to speak, on the wedding planning!! Can't wait to see the favors!