Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My name is Karli & I am a Pinterest Addict.

I easily spend 5 hours of my day pinning inspiration. That was before I discovered the Pinterest App - Yes, Apple is telling the truth when they say "There's an app for that". 

My pinterest obsession has become a bit out of control. 

If you haven't discovered pinterest yet, you're welcome. 
Tell your husband/boyfriend/fiance that I'm sorry in advance.

Happy Pinning!


  1. Oh goodness I am so addicted to Pinterest! Tom keeps saying that I'm ignoring him but I swear I'm not!!

  2. i'm officially going to jump on the pinterest bandwagon tonight..i must know what this is all about and I have an invite waiting for me in my inbox!

  3. new follower here! I am in love with pinterest as well! very addicting:)

  4. Lol! You should start a pinterest addicts club. I'd need to join too. I'm definitely addicted as well.

    Glad I stumbled on your cute blog. Stop by and say hello if you have the time.