Sunday, September 1, 2013

Carson's Birth Story - Part 3

You can read pt 1 here & pt 2 here!

Ok, so my OB wished us luck & was on her way home for the weekend. Shortly after my OB left my mom arrived to keep us company. She fielded multiple calls from my dad & my sister. They're not patient people! Not long after my mom got there the nurse came in to tell us that my OB had ordered the Epidural & that it shouldn't be much longer before I was give then epi. I was thankful & tried to rest while I waited for the anesthesiologist. Well, I waited, & waited, & waited some more when the nurse returned to tell us that it was going to be a while. The anesthesiologist was in the OR with an emergency c-section so she would be at least an hour but it would likely be closer to two hours before she was free. It was now about 630. I knew there was pretty much no hope in me getting the drugs soon but I was thankful it wasn't me who was in need of the emergency c-section & understood. I tried to rest while I waited & I tolerated the pain pretty well but still was sure I didn't want to feel anything more if I didn't have to.

Note: It has taken me 3 months to post the final part of Carson's birth story because I could not rememeber for the life of me what happened after the nurse came in. Did Adam go home now? Or was it later? I finally asked Adam & we debated about it for a while but finally came to the conclusion that is as follows :) 

I remember cursing through contractions & my mom saying that they were really close together. She mentioned to Adam that they were only about 2 minutes apart at best but most were about 1 min 30 seconds apart. Even still I wasn't in an insane amount of pain. I'd say the worst I felt during all of this was only about a 4. The nurse checked on us a few more times & let us know to call her if we needed anything. 

Adam went down to get me some ice chips & I went through those babies like they were going out of style. I was extremely parched. Finally at about 845 the nurse came back in & told me the anesthesiologist would be in shortly & I needed to decide who I wanted in the room during the placement of the epidural. We decided Adam should stay & my mom went on the hunt for some snacks for her & Adam. 

The anesthesiologist arrived & started to prep me for the epidural. I was so nervous. I would say easily, the placement of the epidural was the worst part of my labor & delivery & it wasn't that bad. She told me to lean forward & the nurse held my shoulders & talked to me while she was placing it. Adam sat at the foot of the bed opposite of the anesthesiologist - they have to be on the other side of the bed for sterile reasons - she told me to expect a quick stink like a bee sting & to try to sit still. I did feel the sting & she commented on how well I was doing. She said most women jump & I was still as a statute. Then she explained that she was running the catheter up the spine & it might feel like I am being shocked on my spine - it did & this was by far the WORST part of the entire process. It wasn't painful but it was unsettling to feel a shock along your spine. Then she told me I was done & asked what I could feel. I suddenly felt really warm & tingly when I mentioned this to the anesthesiologist she explained that was totally normal & would fade shortly - it did! Moments later I was feeling NO pain & awesome. 

Not long after my epidural was placed my mom came back with a candy bar & two pops. I remember us all laughing because Adam had asked for a Mt. Dew - well after wild goose chase & multiple vending machines (the cafeteria was closed since it was after 8) she could only find a Diet Mt. Dew! LOL! 

We decided now would be a good time for Adam to run home, feed our dog, Roy, and get dinner while my mom stayed with me. Adam called 930 and asked my mom what she wanted - the decided on Subway.. Well, about 10 my phone rang & I instantly said to my mom "I bet Subway just closed" sure enough, that's exactly what happened. So he had to run to Taco Bell instead. Adam showed up with dinner about 1030-1045. I remember telling my mom that I hadn't noticed any contractions on the monitor for a while & I certainly wasn't feeling anything (I had actually taken a nap :)) & said that I was worried the epidural had slowed things down. Well, about 1055 I felt an insane amount of pressure. I told my mom that I suddenly felt a lot of pressure & she went to get the nurse. The nurse came in and checked me and I was fully dilated! So 2 hours after receiving the epidural I was ready to push! 

At 11 the nurse came in & started helping me push! I pushed for about 45 minutes & the nurse then called the doctor to come in.. Well, the doctor made it in & had one glove on when Carson SHOT out! :) The nurse prepping for Carson had just stepped out to get a few things thinking I would be pushing a lot longer & she missed it. 

At 12:04 AM on April 19, 2013 the most beautiful 6lb 14oz 19 & 3/4 long baby boy joined our family. 

Going home as a family of 3! :) 

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  1. It's so fun to read other Mom's birth stories and think about my own! I remember getting the epidural. I was in so much pain by that point that I didn't feel the pain from it going in. I can't believe you had to wait-as soon as I decided I needed it I had to have it right away! That epidural was my best friend! I slept until I was ready to have my boy! This makes me wanna write down my experience so I don't forget!!