Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Proposal!

Obviously, we had been talking about marraige for a while. We had talked about time frames and potential dates we both liked... 09/10/11 happened to be be one of them.. He took it a bit further with the numbers thing. 09/10/11 will be the day we say I do, I will walk down the aisle at 12:13 (he still hasn't talked me into this part) he propsed 14 months and 15 days after our first date and he did it at 16:17pm military time.

So now that you know how the numbers line up.. He had planned a sweet way to propose at home but I insisted we go to the mall before our Blazer game and run some errands.. So we were at the mall, actually leaving, and I put my bags in the trunk he shuts the trunk and follows me around the passenger side of the car. He is cradling something in his hand but I'm clueless and confused as to why he isn't getting in the drivers seat and getting ready to leave.. He then moves his top hand and and I see the ring. My reaction was "Are you kidding me? Here? Now? In a parking lot? Really, Adam? This has to be a joke!"... rambled on a bit longer about him pulling my leg and even looked for cameras and Ashton Kutcher to pop out on a non celeb version of punk'd. He, in the mean time, spits out "Marry Me!" and I keep on with the rambling. he then tells me he can take the ring back and I realize that he's not joking and he's really proposing and even if this is in a parking lot I'd better say yes if I want to marry him... So eventually I say yes.

My entire family knew. I called my mom because we were seconds away from her (where Sarah,my sister, works as well) office and we went to show them the ring and tell them the news, or so I thought. Everyone was happy.

The Blazers won too so it ended up being a perfect night.

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