Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Date!

Finally Mr. Vid and I have set a date!! If you have read the proposal story you'll know that we had thought we'd tie the know on 09-10-11 but the Country Club had other plans. Mr. Vid is the Assistant Superintendent on the greens at a Country Club in my home town. They're giving us a KILLER deal for the big day. And when I say KILLER I mean KILLER! We are getting everything at cost. Yes, you read that right, at cost! So the 09-10-11 date they'd said we could certainly have but we'd need to pick a secondary date due to the fact that we'll be paying substatially less than what they could get for the date and it will likely be a hot date. At first we didn't see this as a big issue. As time goes on, however, I am stressing out about the fact that we'll have to put a deposit down for 2 dates for the photographer and the church.. So after many discussions we decided that we'd rather not deal with the hassel or stress of that and we've set the date for May 7, 2011! I'm much happier with this date. September 2011 was just to far away!

I think we may have found who we want to photograph the wedding as well. That's a whole other post though. After all I do need other things to blog about considering the conversation that Mr.Vid and I just had...

Mr.V: "Do you even have any followers?" - How he knows what followers are I don't know.
Me: "Yes, I actually have four!"
Mr.V: "How are we ever going to get our own sitcom if you only have 4 followers?"
Me: "Well, I've only had ONE post. Give me a break!"
Mr.V: "Get on it girl!"

Oh my darling Fiance thinks he is so funny.

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