Thursday, November 11, 2010


Growing up in my parents house as a child around the holidays was amazing. 
My mom has a love for all things Christmas. 
Every year the day after thanksgiving we'd rock out to Christmas music & start setting up the house to bring in the Christmas Cheer. 
My mom had everything! 
She has 20 bows to hang on the stair case, she has a beautiful wreath hanger, and she even has a dancing Santa that sings "Rocking around the Christmas Tree" but most of all she has the BEST ornaments for the tree!
This made decorating the tree the most fun!

Every year my mom picked out ornaments for my sister and I. 
They were always very similar but often times very different reflecting our personalities. 
Every year my sister and I were allowed to open one gift on Christmas eve...
Every year we begged our mom to give us our ornaments so we could hang them.
Her goal was for the two of us to have enough ornaments when we moved out to fill our tree and have it look different.
I don't think she owns a single bulb ornament for her tree.
My mom has passed this tradition along and is now doing the same for my niece and nephew.

This is a tradition that I will carry on when Mr. and I have children.  The ornaments were and still are so special to me and my sister. I can't imagine my children not having that same experience. 

What are traditions you will carry on? What traditions have you created?


  1. I love this post! Although I don't think I can decorate for Christmas until december :) But I LOVE traditions. This is mine and the kids second Christmas since my divorce but every year we add a few more traditions to make it OUR Christmas. I can't wait until S and I are together so we can add even more to our celebrations!

  2. My mom's parents started the tradition for my mom and her sisters of opening one gift on Christmas Eve: a new pair of matching pajamas to wear that night. My mom has continued that tradition on for my sister and I--each year we open our new pair of matching Nick and Nora pajamas to wear that night. Plus, my sister and I still sleep together on Christmas Eve, in our matching PJs, and wake up at the ungodly hour of somewhere between 4:00 am and 5:00 am (even though she is 16 and I'm 21). I told Mom this year we had to get Tom a matching pair too since he will soon be the son in law! But, long story short--I plan on continuing this tradition once Tom and I have children!

  3. Love it! :)) Are you signed up for my ornament swap already? You might be, and I missed it! But my mama does the same thing :))))

  4. My grandma does the same for all her grandkids - I look forward to it every Christmas! I have an ornament from each year that now hang on my tree. Such a good tradition!

  5. What a special tradition! We've never given much thought to ornaments, but I've always wanted to. I may just have to borrow this idea from you one day!

  6. Hubs and I are doing the same, kind of. Both of our parents gave us ornaments when we got married from our childhoods (ones we made or were special to us) and each give us an ornament each year. Together, we buy one ornament to symbolize something important that year (a trip, getting our dog, a graduation, etc). Our tree is now filled and its fun that each ornament has such meaning.

  7. That is a wonderful tradition! We are actually doing the same thing with our daughters:) Over the last couple years I have picked an ornament with their initial on it. After I bought their ornaments the other day, I had to wonder what their tree would look like in 10-15 years if they only had initial ornaments:)