Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! :)

It has been a while since I updated you all on our wedding plans.. There is a reason for that so before I jump into the update I figured I'd explain to you why I haven't been sharing much.

As excited as I am about our wedding and telling you every little detail I also want those who come to be excited about the unknown. I don't want everyone who is attending our wedding to know what it's going to be like before they even arrive. I feel like that takes a lot of the fun out of it for guests.

I also realize that everyone has different visions when I describe a specific detail. This also gives people an idea of what they think they're going to see when in reality it might be something different. So, with the risk of making our wedding sound more glamorous than it really will be on the day, I've kind of decided to keep quiet about some things. I'm not saying that our wedding won't be  beautiful and glamorous because it will be but I don't want anyone to envision something and then look back and think "that isn't what I expected".

I realize that most people aren't as anal as I am and aren't going to be judging my wedding as harshly as I'll judge my own, or sadly, the wedding's I have been to since we got engaged. Let's be honest here as a newly engaged or newly wedded woman we have a tendency to look at things and think "I will NOT be doing that" or "Well, I didn't do that and my wedding was better"... And at the end of the day making those mental notes of what you want and don't want is great because that is what makes your wedding your own! Each wedding is beautiful in it's own way because it reflects the couple.

I know that I have one good friend who reads this blog on occasion, Hi D! :) I know that D is one of the most NON-judgmental people in this world, seriously, I've never heard her say a bad word about anybody, and she gets me and my vision so I know that she's probably envisioning something very similar to what will be on the wedding day, but I want her to have some element of surprise. I want her to be able to walk into the reception when everything is set up and be able to take it all in.

So, with that being said, I've decided to start sharing less about the actual wedding. I'll be sharing less about the food, less about the favors, less about the cake, less about the flowers, less about the lighting, the DJ and the overall feel of the wedding.

So what am I going to reveal? The bridal party's attire, the stationary, the florist (& maybe some inspiration), and i might give some hints as what to the favors are...

I'll also start posting links to weddings I loved that have some sort of inspiration for me. I'll keep you all posted on the bridal showers, and of course the bachelorette party too! :)


  1. I know what you mean -- even before I got engaged I was looking at weddings in a 'what-do-i-like-or-don't-like-about-this-wedding'. I'm not judging I was just using them as 'tools' to decide what was me and what wasn't =) And Darn - I hate that I have to wait for your wedding recap to get all the details lol

  2. :) That means we all get the big reveal afterwards? When all is said done!

    I look forward to it :)

    Enjoy all the details for us, and cant wait to read it after!

  3. I completely understand what you mean... I was the same way as I was leading up to our wedding because I wanted everything to be a surprise! :) But people love hearing about your countdown... and 6 months will be here before you know it!! My husband and I have been married over a year, and I can't believe it. I did the same thing as you - counted down and expressed my excitement on my blog. :) Good luck with everything and I enjoy learning about the details you are going to share :)

  4. Love wedding stuff, we will be happy with whatever you want to post and understand wanting to keep the element of surprise.

  5. I know exactly where you're coming from! I have been trying to decide how I will handle this too... it's so hard because you're so excited and want to share everything, but you want it to be a surprise!!