Thursday, February 10, 2011

Learning to let go.

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I don't think I've ever made it a secret that I'm a bit of a control freak. I'm totally type-A and would rather spend 78.9 hours working on a project and accomplishing things myself to make sure that things are done the way I vision then let someone else help me. 

I am slowly learning to let go. I'm learning to not sweat the small stuff. I am learning that sometimes imperfect is perfect. Last night Mr. asked if I needed help assembling a DIY project. I designed stir sticks and needed to glue them all together. I said no. Then I thought about it after assembling one more. What is the worst thing that can happen? He screws one up and then I take over again? If he doesn't screw it up then I had a helper and we finished this a lot sooner than I would on my own. I gave in and said "Ok, you can help me.."

Then I watched as he glued it together the wrong way. I told him that he was doing it wrong. To which he gave me a dirty look and replied "Are you sure that YOU aren't doing it wrong..?" That's when I realized that there really is no right way to do glue a stick on two pieces of paper. I shut my mouth.

He finished one and it looked pretty good.
I then told him that he could keep "trying". 

Thank God that he thinks my OCD is funny.

At the end of the day I realized that sometimes it's really just not about me being right or things being done my way. It's about getting things done.

I am slowly learning to let go. 
letting go Pictures, Images and Photos

Are any of you obsessive and compulsive? Controlling? Perfectionists? Did you have trouble letting go of some tasks?


  1. I was like that when I was doing all the DIY projects for our wedding. It took A LOT for me to finally break down and ask for help. THEN it was really hard to NOT micro-manage the people who graciously offered their help lol

  2. This is totally me! LOL

  3. With the wedding I was totally like this and would freak out over tying ribbons. Fortunately I'm not like that in my non wedding life.

  4. I'm a huge perfectionist. My husband hates it, so I try to work on it!

  5. I could have written this myself. It's definitely something that I struggle with and I know that I drive my husband crazy - I'm trying to learn to let go as well for my sake and his!

  6. Yes! I'm definitely a control freak.. I definitely like to do everything myself. I have been proud of myself for asking for help from my bridesmaids and fiance though! :)