Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I will be the first to admit that I hate surprises.  This probably makes me the most difficult person to surprise.  If I sense anything at all is out of the ordinary I want to know exactly what is going on.  I just hate not knowing what to expect. With that being said.. Mr.Vid has always had quite a hard time surprising me. He loves to surprise me but knows how crazy it makes me if I know a surprise is coming. 

As some of you may know we have season tickets to the Portland Trail Blazers! We LOVE going to the games and plan to continue the tradition once we have children with out them. It'll be our date night.  We'll sell a lot more games but we'll still go! Well, last night we had a game.  I rushed home as usual, ate really quickly, changed and we were out the door. We get downtown and make our way to the Rose Garden. Something you should know - I hate being responsible for our tickets. I always forget them. Mr.Vid always holds the tickets.  We get through the gates as Mr.Vid has had our tickets scanned... If I had them I would have noticed what is about to come earlier. The following conversation occurs:

Mr.Vid: I'm going to run to the bathroom.. (Which is not uncommon)
Me: okay, I'll go sit down in our seats.. (also, not uncommon)
Mr.Vid: Why don't you just wait here for me..
Me: Okay. 

He comes out of the bathroom and starts walking the wrong way! Keep in mind we came in the same door we always do and I usually go to our seats by myself. So I know he is walking the wrong way... The conversation continues:

Me: Uh babe, you're going the wrong way...
Mr.Vid: I want to go say hi to Don and Rhonda...
Me: Can't we see them at half time? (I like to watch pre-game and know if we say hi we'll miss a few min of the first quarter)
Mr.Vid: No, we're right here lets just go real quick..
Me: You go, I want to go sit down..
Mr.Vid: Rhonda really wanted to see you..
Me: We just saw them Saturday...
Mr.Vid: I'm going to tell her you didn't want to say hi..
Me: Fine, lets go. (I'm cursing him under my breath at this point.. I was cranky, I'll admit it.)

We get up there and Don and Rhonda are not there..

Me: Okay they're not here.. We'll see them at the half.
Mr.Vid: Well, actually, we'll see them when they get here because these are our seats tonight.. (He got the seats right next to theirs for the game. Moving us down from 310 to 226..)

Insert shock on my face and a huge grin on Mr.Vid's. I was a happy camper! Turns out he got the tickets Sunday and sold ours the same day.. He's a little sneaky when he wants to be. 

I liked this surprise.

These guys look like toy's you get from McDonalds from our seats.. From where we sat last night they looked HUGE. It was so fun to sit down there and I hope we do more often!


  1. Oh, what a sweet surprise!

    I am not good at surprises either. My husband planned a surprise party for my 29th birthday, and I honestly have no idea how he did it!

  2. aw how sweet! we didnt get Blazer ticket this year :( we have spilt them with some friend for a few years.
    do you guys go to every game? there are SO many home games!!

  3. aww so the surprise turned out to be a good thing in the end! oh my goodness "Mr.Vid: I'm going to tell her you didn't want to say hi" thats too funny lol!

  4. we didnt get tickets this year cause it was really hard to make the games. I work in Cannon Beach a few times a week and by the time I get home its usually 7:30 and then we have to deal with traffic (we live in Beaveton) so we were getting to the game in the 2nd Q. Our tickets were in the 100 level and we figured we could be doing something else with the money :)
    We will probably get tickets again when we have kids and Im not driving all over the place.. lol