Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top 2 Celeberity Hair Styles

Good Morning! :) 
What a difference 10 minutes makes in the morning! I got out of bed 10 minutes earlier then I usually do this morning and was able to get ready, enjoy my morning coffee from the couch rather than the car, and I still left the early! :) I am thinking I'm going to try to make this my new morning routine.

I'm playing along with the Undomestic Momma today! 

This week we're discussing our top 2 favorite Celebrity Hair Styles. 
Go on over to Taylor's blog and link up! 

1) Nicole Richie w/ a short bob

2) Gweneth Paltrow - center part and loose curls


  1. I always get up earlier than I really have to because I like the extra time! It's nice not to have to rush! I love the hairstyles you picked!

  2. Good choices! I actually took a picture of Nicole's short bob to a haircut a few years ago!

  3. oh i was thisclose to putting the nicole richie bob on my list too! love it!