Thursday, April 29, 2010

Feeling Naked..

Adam and I recently found out that my diamond is chipped..
Imagine the disappointment to hear those words come out of a jewelers mouth. I instantly thought back to all the times I bumped it on something and wondered if I could have possibly chipped it then. The thought of replacing my diamond literally makes me sick.
The jeweler gave us a few options. 
1) Fill it. 
2) Re-cut it.
3) Replace it.
The first option is with out a doubt not happening. I am sorry but I have a rose cut diamond from the 1800's. We don't know the history behind the diamond because it didn't come from our families.  Someone sold this diamond to our jeweler.  WHY anyone would ever chose to sell a diamond with so much history behind it is beyond me but I am certainly not going to ruin this diamond by filling it.
The second option to me was just as bad as filling it.  My diamond is 1.3 carats and re-cuting it would take it down to around 1 carat.  Re-cutting a diamond can change the look, size, and color of a diamond. 
Nope, not happening.
Now, obviously, you can see that I'm attached to this diamond.  When she said they'd replace it with a 1 carat brilliant cut diamond, I cried. The thought that someone somewhere probably wishes they had this diamond, chipped or not, killed me. This diamond to someone somewhere in the world probably means a lot more than it means to me. Don't get me wrong, I love my diamond and it has a lot of meaning to me simply for it's symbolism, but someone knows the HISTORY behind it.  Someone's great-great grandmother wore this ring on her wedding day.  Who am I to just throw this diamond out like it's trash because it's chipped. The chip is not visible with out a microscope, so why would I want a different diamond?
After many sleepless nights and many long heartfelt discussions Adam and I decided to hold off on the 'repairs'.  Adam went back into our jeweler and told her we didn't feel comfortable with filling it or re-cutting it.  She then scoffed at the idea of filling it and acted as if she never said that. (This is the 3rd time she's told us something and when we bring it up again not liking the idea she acts as if we've made it up. This makes us even more uneasy about having anything done to it without talking to the owners of the store). 
I have talked with one of my best friends sister-in-law who happens to work for another jeweler in town and is high up in this particular store.  She advised us to get an independent appraisal.  We were told when Adam bought the ring that they would provide an appraisal for us - it's really just an insurance replacement form.  Our sales lady isn't educated in appraisals. Make this our 10th issue with the sales lady.

Anyway, I have scheduled the appraisal for this afternoon.  Adam will take my ring down have it appraised and then Monday we will take it in for the repair.  They are now just going to shave down the facet that is chipped.  We will take it back for another appraisal once the repair has taken place just to make sure the repair isn't going to effect the value of my diamond too much.  

Needless to say, today I feel naked as I am without my ring.


  1. I had to have some repairs done to my ring about 6 months ago and I know exactly how you feel. My ring has sentimental value as well - so the thought of changing it (even if it is to fix it) would be difficult. All will be well and you will get it fixed. Great idea to get an independent appraisal though.

  2. Oh my gosh I would feel naked too! Hope everything works out okay with your ring!