Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A rave and a question for all of you..

I have something to rave about and something to ask all of my lovely 14 followers..
First the RAVE. 


I found this water bottle at Target and not going to lie I love it!
I have been drinking more water today than I ever do! And let me tell you all, I've had an issue with not drink water like I should.  So if any of you are non water drinkers and want to start to better your body and health I'd HIGHLY recommend this Camelback!
Now on to the question I have for all of you.

In my office we have a woman who, to this day, has never said 'thank you' or 'please' to me at anytime.

When I tell her to have a nice day rather than a simple "thank you" she slams the door.
When I ask her if she'd like a receipt she replies with a grouchy "No!" not a "No, thank you."

When I tell her that her therapist should be with her shortly she doesn't even acknowledge that I've spoken.

Today, I almost lost it. I almost said to her "Would it KILL you to say "No, thank you." rather than a bitchy "No!"?

I mean really!?

Does this just happen to me or do all of you experience it as well and think to yourselves: Really? Did your momma teach you ANY manners? 

This woman is probably 45. Old enough to have manners and too young to be considered a grouchy old lady.  
Now, I'm sure many of you are thinking that I shouldn't let this get to me. And you're right, but the issue I have with this is that I'm sure she's one of those women who sits there and talks horribly about my generation and our lack of manners when she has none of her own.

I'm sorry but if my 2 year old nephew is able to say "No, thank you" and "Please" on a regular basis then you as an adult should be able to as well.

Kill her with kindness, Karli!
Kill her with kindness.


  1. I love drinking out of a "favorite" glass, or what have you. It makes the drink taste even more better!

    And....seriously, just smile the crap out of that women. I hate that more then anything. Just freaking acknowledge me!!!!!

    Good luck with that.

  2. LOVE that we have the same name with same spelling :)