Monday, May 24, 2010

The Hardest Part...

The hardest part of Wedding planning by far, with out a doubt, hands down, is the guest list.. Ugh, what a nightmare it has been for us to sit down and hash out the guest list. We've dreaded this portion of wedding planning since the day we got engaged and now I realize why! I am pleased to announce that we're done! 


My mom told me over the weekend that I have her "if there is a will there is a way" attitude.  She said this is the thing she is most proud of me for.  If I set my mind to do something I will accomplish it. 

Adam and I have been talking a lot lately about our post wedding plans. I'll be honest - we want a baby, or four. However, I want to finish my education and work for a year or two before we add sleepless nights into the mix. So I will do just that.  Fall of 2011 I will return to school full time and begin working part time.  I could not be more excited to finish my education. I never thought I would be excited to go back to school.  I am so thankful that Adam and I see eye to eye on this even if his mother and my father may have a bad case of grand-baby fever - they'll just have to wait.  I've got a degree to obtain first! 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh, the list...
    we invited 250 people! 200 of my family and friends and about 50 of my husbands.. lol!

  2. The list is definitely one of the toughest parts! The funny thing is, after everything is over, you really just remember all the good parts of the day!

  3. That's a perfect idea :) I ended up going back to school (doing distance learning) after I had kids... it has been VERY stressful. I just finished my certificate to work in a lab (drawing blood) this week - and it was a lot of work with three kiddos running around!