Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Thoughts - Registry Stalking!

Well, ladies, we've made it! 
We're over the hump & the work week is almost over!

We are now ONE MONTH away from the wedding. 30 days people, 30 days!

Adam came home last week and the following conversation occured:

A: Babe! Do you stalk our wedding registries?
K: No. I have never even thought to do that, why?
A: Well, I know how much you hate surprises & Tim (co-worker) told me that he & Chelsey (co-workers wife) checked theirs everyday while they were engaged.
K: Really? Isn't that kind of rude?
A: Ya, I feel like it is.
I feel that if I peak, I'll become obsessed and in turn begin to stalk. I also feel that we owe it to our guests to be surprised with the gifts they give us and not have to act surprised - this comes from the girl who used to unwrap & re-wrap my Christmas gifts & then pretend to be surprised!

I also feel that we're in a place where we're getting married because we want to be married and start our lives together, as Husband & Wife, not because we are eager to receive gifts.

So, my question for you. Did you peak at your registry? Stalk your registry? Or did you allow yourself to be completely surprised?

I am not here to judge anyone who did peak, stalk, or plans to peak or stalk, their own registry. 
These are our own personal choices & opinions on the matter! :)


  1. I did peek. Although, I actually forgot most of it by the day of the shower and was still surprised.

  2. I didn't stalk but I did peek. I never checked to see who got what, but I liked to see what I was getting so I could adjust it. That's right. I changed my registry all.the.time.

  3. I did check it and I'm glad I did b/c as things progressed it needed to be updated especially when I noticed some (not all) of the bedding we wanted was discontinued or out of stock so we had to register for something different otherwise we would have ended up with random pillowcases :) Granted we weren't surprised by the gifts per se but we were still surprised to see who got us what.

  4. Wow, it is getting close. I think I looked at ours a lot because I am just a nosey person that can't wait for surprises!

  5. Oh gosh girl bless your little heart for being SO good and not peeking! I seriously can't help it... I read on blogs to check your registry and update it often so when I would I would find out something was fulfilled and that began my craziness. :)

  6. I peek..maybe it borders on stalking..but I agree with SG to SP because I did make quite a few changes and did update some things once I realized people were buying. But, I'm going to try not to peek at all from now till my shower.

  7. Oh, I totally peeked. I changed mine all the time just like Rebekah. I kept changing my mind, especially if things were out of stock or not being purchased. Good for you though, it will be fun to be so surprised!