Thursday, January 28, 2010


You know that 6 letter word that everyone fears and hopes they never hear.. My Aunt died from Cancer.  My cousin is my age.  She's my best friend.  We were 14.  She died on Fathers Day. June will be 8 years... 

Yesterday my Aunt's sister posted on her Facebook Status something about sisters... Another woman, who we now know wasn't aware of my Aunt's passing, wrote "How is Margaret?  Tell her hello for me!!!"  My Aunt's brother wrote "She's been better, thanks." Even 8 years later comments like these are unavoidable.  These comments hurt the families and for us 8 years has been a while.. It's a few summers, birthdays, graduations, colleges, and boyfriends for my cousin. Initially we all thought this woman was being incredibly insensitive... Now we know she is just as hurt by the loss of my Aunt and the fact that she wasn't aware of her passing. 

Losing someone you love is never easy.  The pain and numbness subside a little but it's always there.  My Aunt was an amazing woman.  I find myself asking God often, why? She's in a better place now and He has bigger plans for her. 

It feels good to get this off my chest today.

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  1. My grand mother passed away 8 years ago from cancer. Her birthday was Valentine's Day - so the holiday is always a painful reminder for me. I understand exactly how you feel.