Saturday, January 9, 2010

Santa Baby, and it's a New Year, basically the past two weeks have been a blur!

Wow, we've been BUSY!!! Santa has come and gone and I must admit he was GOOD to me! :) I'm a lucky girl.

Mr. Vid bought me a beautiful Coach Purse. The Signature Alex to be exact. As well as the Penolope Plum zip wallet. :) He loves me.

Mr. Vid's parents bought me Uggs and misc. stuff.

My parents bought me new sheets that I've been wanting :) as well as a bunch of misc. stuff..

Siblings pretty much exchanged sweaters this year ;) Good xmas for us.

We are booking our wedding photographer TODAY!! She's amazing. Love her love her love her!!!

I sat down with my RVP this morning to refocus on my goals for 2010. Over the holiday's I had lost a lot of focus and needed to get back on track. (This is for Life Insurance, Home Owners, Auto, Pre-Paid Legal, Loans, and Debt Watchers sales.. I do this on the side and hope to go full time by JUNE of this year!!!) Love doing this and HATE my current FT job. This company that I work for is AMAZING. We help so many families and it's just amazing.

Bought my wedding gown!!

Hope to track down someone at the Church we want to have our ceremony this month.

This is the last 2-3 weeks in review here in the Vid household.

Sorry, I have been so MIA the past few weeks.

Goals for 2010:

1. Full Time Agent by June.

2. Get my booty in tip-top shape! 30 Day Shred anyone??

3. Stick to our Budget - Mr.Vid has us on a tight budget to save for our wedding/honeymoon/future. He's a smart man. :) This means minimize my shopping addiction.

4. More cooking at home and eating healthy!! We've done good with this so far. We have BOTH cut out Pop, white bread, white pasta, and processed sugar from our diets. Only whole grain here.

5. More ME time.. I've vowed to treat myself at LEAST once a month to a Pedi. This has been hard for me the past few months. I used to go once every two weeks but the past few months I've been doing it at home. This doesn't give me the time I need to unwind by myself.

6. Become a better blogger. I've been reading blogs for about a year now and trying to become an avid blogger myself but I don't set time aside to do it.. I'm going to try to blog about 3 to 4 times a week at the least!

7. Be a better girlfriend to my girlfriends. My two best friends and I have reflected lately and realized that we really don't see each other enough. We're all kind of focused on our personal lives right now that we've disconnected. This makes me incredibly sad. We're all to blame but we've all vowed to adjust this and make more time for each other.

8. Be a better Aunt. I love my neice and nephew so very much. They're amazing children but I don't spend enough quality time with them. I spend time with them but I don't feel that the time I spend with them is really doing things that THEY want to do. For instance I don't stop what I'm doing to read them a book when they want it. Or stop what I'm doing to play lions with them or hide and seek.. I'll play but just long enough for them to be satisfied not long enough for them to fully enjoy it. This I've realized recently.

9. Be a better fiance. Mr. Vid is the most amazing man in the world and I need to be more attentive. He bends over backward to please me and I don't do that enough for him. My goal is to unwind WITH him when I get home from work and not so much unwind with the bathtub. Typically I walk in the door say a quick hello and go take a bath. This is my method of unwinding from an intense day. He's already had 2 hours to unwind before I get home and when I walk through the door he typically wants me to unwind with him rather than without him. I'm going to work really hard on changing my method of unwinding.. Or atleast adjusting it a bit.

10. Read more. I love to read and haven't done as much of it lately as I'd like to. This is something I'd like to change.

Those are my top goals for 2010. I hope you've all had a great start to a new year. How many of you have put too much of your energy into unimportant things this past year? I know I have.

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