Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello? Anybody home?

I know I promised to be back with pictures and stories of my vacation last week and I'll be back with all of that soon but I just had to tell you all what happened last night!

Mr. and I had made plans to go bowling with our friends D & R.  We see D & R as often as we can since they travel a lot for R's work.. His job is pretty awesome and they love it but it makes us sad that they're gone a lot. 

Anyway so we had plans to meet at the local bowling alley at 7.  We all got there and bowled for a few hours and we were all having a great time. Most of the other lanes cleared at about 9 and we continued to bowl.  Around 9:40 we decided we were ready to go.  Mr. had decided to just keep a tab since he and I were enjoying an adult beverage here and there.  D & R had paid as they went along.. We all went up to the counter to pay and return our shoes and the bowling alley clerk/manager/owner? was not up there.. We patiently waited for a few minutes then Mr. started looking for him.. About 5 min later we're all looking for him. There is a microphone at the front desk and Mr. is talking into saying "Bowling Clerk guy to the front desk.. please..?" He didn't come.. At this point we're going behind the front desk back into the "employee's only" area's trying to find this guy.. D & I walk outside and we see that our cars are the only 2 in the lot.. There were a few other cars on the other side of the lot next to a few other businesses but that was it. We went back in and we're all still looking.  D & I walked in the back behind the lanes to see if we could find someone.. No one.. It was like a ghost town. At this point we're starting to wonder if something happened to this guy. We probably would have just left if Mr.'s card wasn't in the register.. It's now 10PM. We're contemplating calling 911/getting out of there and leaving the card before we're next on the hit list. We've been looking for 20 min!!

D & I decide to make one last trip to the parking lot and look around the 2 cars on the other side of the lot.  We are walking and we see the guy and his wife behind the bowling alley talking.. So I yell "Uh, excuse me..?" and D says "Are you the owners of the bowling alley?" and they guy storms away from his wife and walks toward us... We told him we'd been looking for him for 20 minutes and D says "We just want our cards.." he laughs and says "Sorry about that, I was hoping you'd just close up!" clearly trying to lighten the mood. He comes in opens the till and hands Mr. his card and then tells us to "have a good night".  At first we all were a bit confused then realized he was not charging us. We got our $21 tab picked up! Sometimes it pays to be searching for someone for 20 min!

It was seriously the strangest thing I've ever encountered. 


  1. That is REALLY strange!! lol
    I would have been worried that something happened too... hilarious...
    But how nice that you didn't have to pay :)

  2. Sounds like maybe he was having a fight with his wife? Anyhow, free drinks is always a good thing. Very nice!