Monday, July 19, 2010

I've been slacking..

Today I want to elope.. Seriously. 

I have a million things on the wedding to-do list and I haven't even started to worry about it until today....

I need to reserve a block of rooms at 2 local hotels for our OOT guests to stay at.
I need to update the guest list and addresses so I can get that over to our wonderful stationary designer.  
I need to find and book an officiant.
I need to book chavari chairs for the dining room.
I need to book the dance floor.
I need to book our DJ.
I need to schedule a consult with our florist and then book her.
I need to schedule a BM dress shopping day.

All of the above should have been done by now.. I was SO ahead of schedule when we started this process and now I'm sinking.. I've had no help from Mr. Vid or my mother and it's starting to get overwhelming.  Mr. seems to think that planning a wedding is just a piece of pie. Really?! I'd like to crawl through my BB and slap him for his passive attitude about it. AND to top it all off - It's Monday.


  1. Yah it's probably super duper not helping that it is Monday... one thing at a time and you will be right back on track :) I promise!!
    Wedding planning is NOT easy so hang in there!!

  2. Hang in there! This will all be worth it in the end. I kinda want to do mine again after the amazing time I had and I never thought I'd feel that way. My hubby didn't help much but I accepted that was how it was going to be going into it and I was OK with it. It's so not his thing and to be honest-I couldn't trust him with it if I'd wanted to!!

  3. You're pretty on top of things it seems, don't worry! I keep telling myself I have plenty of time but it's almost 9 months away (for us both it seems :) So it can be nerve wrecking.. hang in there :)

    We just secured our band and I'm researching florists and videographers. I plan to book them by the end of August. Then I can just relax and work on DIY projects!