Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oil Cleansing Method..

I have recently been reading a lot on the blogs about the Oil Cleansing Method and am pretty curious to try it. Amber has blogged about it here, and here.  To me it sounds like an awesome alternative to expensive facials. I have never talked about my skin on this blog but I'm going to now. 

I don't have terrible skin. I have never had serious acne and I'm thankful for that but I do have seriously dry skin, large pores, and many black heads. Reading that this method has helped alleviate black heads, clean pores and eventually reduce the size of pores is very appealing to me.  Then to hear that it also controls oily and dry skin sent me to the moon. A natural way to do help with all of my skin issues? Sign me up! 

I was so read to go figure out which oils to use and get started until I started reading about OCM purging... I have 2 weddings and a trip to palm springs planned in the next few weeks and I'm not going to be comfortable if the OCM suddenly sends me into the purging stage right before the weddings or our trip. So for now, I'm going to hold off on the OCM. I do intend to try it in a few weeks though.

Have you tried the OCM? Did you like it? Did you experience purging? I'm curious to hear more about it!


  1. So glad to see that the OCM gospel is spreading. :)

    I agree it's probably not a bad idea to wait until after your big events to try it though. I will be sure to update you over the upcoming weeks to let you know if my "purging" stage passes. (I'm kieeping my fingers crossed that it does!)

  2. Right now I am using a skin care line from DHC. www.dhcskincare.com They also have oils in their skincare. I am gonna have to look at home to see what has parabens in it. I already seen my hand cream does.