Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bridesmaids Gifts!

I realize that I still have 9 months to worry about this but considering I have seven - yes, you read that right, seven bridesmaids - I wanted to get started early and collect one or two things at a time to give them all a totally awesome gift for being my very best friends and stand up there with me on my special day!

What would you be thrilled to receive as a BM gift? I'm looking for some out of the box idea's... What did you give your BM's?


  1. I think it really depends on what each of your girls likes. I had two bridesmaids (super small wedding!) and got them each different things that catered to their different personalities. (One I gave jewelry and the other I got concert tickets!)

  2. It's so hard to come up with ideas! I am having 6 BM's so I feel can be hard on the bank account :)

    We are paying for half of their BM dress, we're paying for their hair and makeup, and I got them earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet to wear the day of the wedding. I wanted to get them a little clutch to carry on the wedding day, but I can't find anything that aren't super expensive!

  3. 7 bridesmaids, good god woman, i don't even have 7 friends! I'm plain so I dunno if my suggestions will help you. My gift for my MOH is gunna be her dress and shoes and hair and makeup, as for her unwrappable gift, I have no idea yet. Probably some kinda jewelry.

  4. I had 6 BM's! I really wanted to get something special, since I had an out of town wedding and they all had to pay for hotels.. I got them all Tiffany and Co bracelets!{the Ball one} They all wear them everyday!! It always makes me feel good when I see that they love them!!