Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lets talk wedding flowers....

I am over the moon excited to tell you all that we have found a florist that I L.O.V.E.!!! Although, she projected our overall floral expense about $1400 more than I wanted to spend Mr. has approved me to up our floral budget by $900. SCORE! :D This girl is happy!

So the florist we chose is so incredibly artsy and creative! My mom and I met with her Saturday morning and our hour consult went for almost two hours.  She gave us so many ideas! She really took the time to find out what kind of flowers I love and what I really don't love. On top of all of that she also took the time to show me different options for the seating at the reception and even told me that if I had an issue with our vendor doing the layout I wanted that she'd "take care of it"! She made sure to show me how we could reuse the alter arrangements on the head table and how we could reuse the bridesmaid's bouquets on the head table as well. 

I left the consult feeling overwhelmed in a great way! I felt as if she got my vision and enhanced it. I felt confident that she would make me very happy on our wedding day.  I know that having her do our floral is going to ease so much stress for me the week of the wedding!

Now if only we can find a little extra cash for a videographer...


  1. Such a good feeling to know that your vendors are on the same page as you!

    I want a videographer too, but don't think we can swing it :(

  2. Wow that is so good you got the flowers for such a good deal! I did with mine too and I felt like I accomplished sooo much with getting just that! lol its so great she was able to give you so many ideas too!

  3. HOW exciting!! I love weddings. Although I am no where near getting married. (I dont even have a boyfriend!) I think about my wedding often. I know a big chunk of my wedding fund will be: flowers, photographer and videographer!

    Cant wait to see pictures!

    ps thank you so much for commenting! you rock!

  4. how exciting!!! wedding planning is a blast!! best of luck!

  5. I love that you're exactly where I am in the planning process! haha I'm also looking at florists, and need more money for a videographer! haha
    That's great you had a great consultation and feel a great connection with the florist! Yey!

    I had our consultation last week and everything went so great too. I can't wait to see what she comes up with and how everything looks on the big day! :)