Monday, September 27, 2010

Buyers Remorse - Wedding Gown Edition.

First of all, I'd like to start this post by saying I never thought this would be me. I never thought on the day that I purchased my wedding gown that I would later regret the decision and later come to hate my dress. 

When the mister and I got engaged I was so excited to go dress shopping. I couldn't wait to try on dresses and I started shopping online right away. I thought I knew what style I wanted and went into the bridal store with a list of dresses I wanted to try on. I never went in and had them pull dress that they thought would look best on me. I never had them pull a simple style in each silhouette to figure out what was most flattering. 

I told my mom from day one that I was pretty sure I wanted something with lace. I wanted something timeless.. So when we found my dress and I walked out and everyone in the entire salon stopped and stared I said "This is it!" I didn't need to try on other dresses. Everyone in the building thought the dress was stunning. Everyone except for me.
I bought the dress. My mom loved it, my grandma loved it, my MIL loved it.. The only problem is that I didn't love it. I should have listened to my gut when we picked it up and I said "something isn't right.. I don't like this, that, this here.." but my mom said maybe if we take it home that I'd stop second guessing things.

So, that is what I did. I took the dress that I didn't love home. I have tried it on 4 times in the past 6 months and each time I've liked it LESS.
RED FLAG! Then when my SIL Allison said at her wedding that she was worried she might not like it because she'd purchased it so early but each time she saw it she fell in love with it even more I knew I had to seriously think about what I had.

Friday night I called my mom sobbing. I think she probably thought Mr and I had gotten in a huge fight and split up because I was that upset. So when I told her through broken tears that "I hate my dress" she busted out in laughter. Like hysterical laughter.  She said "Honey, we'll go buy you a new one and put yours on craigslist then! I had a dress that I loved for my wedding and you should have one that you love for yours... But I'm not buying the new one so you'll have to talk to Mr. about that.. By the way, I knew this day was coming. Each time you've tried the dress on since we brought it home you've looked more and more disappointed." Phew, that went better than I'd expected.

Now, on to telling the Mr.... 
Mr. walked in the door from a massage (it was his bday and I'd sent him to our massage therapist for some relaxation - which I was about to ruin) around 5 took one look at me and said "What's wrong..?" to which I replied in tears "I hate my dress..!" again the response - laughter!!!?!?!?! Followed by "you're kidding, right?"

Anyway, here we are back at square one. Mr. and I figured out a new budget and I'll be dress shopping Thursday evening. 
Lesson to all you girls who don't yet have your dresses - if something feels wrong it is! Don't second guess your GUT FEELINGS!! Also, don't buy a dress without trying on several others at OTHER stores.


  1. I'm still undecided about my dress and I've been married for almost 6 months!...I think I looked lovely in it and it fit pretty well but I guess my big thing is I wish I would have tried on MORE as you're suggesting. When I walked down the aisle to J, he told me it was worth the wait and not seeing the dress prior to the big day. That helped a lot. =) BUT I wasn't quite in your situation -- I was like your sister and when I put the dress on I loved it again.
    I'm glad you said something instead of frowning at your wedding pictures years from now because you didn't like your dress!
    Great advice =)

  2. I swear I tried on 100 dresses just to be sure I had the perfect one and to this day it's one of my favorite things about my wedding.

    At least you discovered this in time to make a change. Hopefully you can sell your old dress and make a little money back! :)

  3. When I first bought my dress, I wasn't in love with it, but I liked it the most out of everything I had tried on. It was the first one I tried, and nothing could really compare. My mom, sister, and mother-in-law all loved it so I figured why not? I was afraid I would hate it, but when it finally came in 4 months later, I loved it. I knew it was my dress! I really hope you find something that you love! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  4. I tried on about 30 before finding mine and even though I loved it there were a few changes I wanted to make to it. Fortunately the changes were easy enough and once it was done I was even more in love with it. You definitely need to have a dress you love or you'll end up hating all your pictures.

  5. Awwww...I hope you find THE DRESS for you. I love how everyone laughed at your pain!

  6. love your heart!! I think you made the best decision though I know it was one word of advice is once you find a new one don't look at it or try it on too sister held my dress hostage for me.

  7. It's so good that you found this out now! :)

    I tried on so many dresses, I never thought I would find the one! Finally I did and I do love it, but yet at every dress fitting I seem to see a different one in the window that I love too ha! That was my problem, I liked everything!

  8. Better to get one you love rather than look back on your pictures for years wishing you would have gone with another one...I so wish I had picked the one I liked not the one my mom and mother in law liked!

  9. Oh my goodness! I could see myself doing the same thing! Glad your giving it another go to get the one you love!

  10. Oh no! Sorry you were so upset about it and wanting to get another one. That's great your fiance understood and you will be able to get another dress.

    This is exactly the reason why I waited to get my dress! I browsed online a lot and finally bought my dress in a very unexpected place... online! I'll be posting about it soon! :)