Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's The Little Things in Life... Like Fruit.

First of all I will start off by stating that Mr. does all of our grocery shopping.  I hate the grocery and always end up leaving with either more than we need or not enough of what we need. So therefore I just don't do it. Will I go if we are running low on laundry detergent or milk considering it's on my way home? Yes, but I won't go and do the bi-weekly trips.

I will also state that we grew up very, very differently. I will openly admit that I am a food snob. I am one of two children - he is one of five.  His mom didn't work - my mom did. So his mom did a lot of cooking at home - my mom did not. In fact my dad was the cook around our household. Growing up we had a lot of pasta, burgers, pot roasts.. When we had spaghetti we always had Italian sausage AND meat balls. Our pot roasts were really hearty full of fresh veggies... When we had fettuccine Alfredo w/ lemon chicken my dad bought fresh lemon to squeeze on the chicken and fresh Parmesan cheese for the Alfredo sauce...You get the idea we ate really really well and I thought that was the norm..  
Well because of that I will only eat certain brands of certain foods.  For instance I won't eat any kind of spaghetti sauce but Prego w/ Mushrooms and I must have Italian sausage and meat balls with my spaghetti... You get the idea.  Another thing we always had around our house was fresh fruit.  My parents never had fruit snacks, pudding, or chips in the cupboards.. If we wanted a snack we had fruit or veggies to turn to.  Mr. did as well but he had what I call boring fruit - apples, oranges and banana's. We always had those as options but we also had plums, nectarines, cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes, strawberries, blackberries.. Whatever was in season.

So anyway, when I first moved in and he told me he would have spaghetti ready for dinner when I got home I was ecstatic - until I walked in the door and saw that his version of spaghetti was noodles and a can of hunts tomato sauce.. I didn't know how to break it to him that I found his spaghetti disgusting! He now knows my high standards and makes it properly ;)
That being said yesterday the Mr. text me to let me know he would be going to the grocery store after work and wanted me to send him a list of what I wanted. I responded "If you get burrito's get me the kind that have beans and cheese only.. The other ones you got were nasty!" and that was the extent of my wants..Well to my surprise I came home last night to find NECTARINES in the fruit bowl! :) A year ago when I requested nectarines he said "what is that?... A hairless peach..?"  to which I replied "yes, babe, I guess it could be called a hairless peach.." It's the little things you guys!


  1. haha that was cute! I don't think I've ever had a nectarine because I didn't know what they were exactly! I know so strange! :) I'll have to try it!

    My fiance and I grew up eating differently a little too. After he had my cooking I would say "sorry that's such a boring meal, grilled chicken, veggie, potatoes (or something similar)" and he thought it was the greatest thing! He said his moms cooking was horrible! haha So I always feel so good after I cook a nice meal because he always appreciates it! :)

  2. Haha cute! We have the opposite problem. I am not picky at all, I LOVE food but I pretty much love all kinds. Robbie's mom is an allstar cook and everything she makes is delicious. So he expects everything I make to taste exactly like his moms and I have to cook everything the same way his mom does it (it drives me crazy!) He is getting a little better, but man! I also like to eat light meals at night or casseroles and he wants meat, potatoes, and a separate vegetable every single! It can be so frustrating.

  3. Oh nectarines!! He's a keeper...if my hubby brought me home nectarines I'd fall over! Mangoes would be even better! However, I did get a fair share of watermelon this summer ;)

    One of our food struggles was "Its just not as good as my mom's" It still hurts, but for the most part he's right....

  4. He's learning! :) I love it!! :))

    So cute!

    My family has always ate really well too! My mom makes the MOST amazing food! Its rediculous!