Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

Hello lovies :) It's that time again - Wedding Wednesday!! 

I am happy to report that I have some exciting things going on this week. On Monday I posted about videography well we BOOKED a videographer on Monday night. He's phenomenal. I LOVE him and his work. He sat down with us at 7 and we didn't leave until after 9. He showed us so many videos and really gave us a feel of what he does. Each and every video was different and it was just amazing. The Mr. even left and said "ya, that's pretty cool!"
So we both left happy and impressed. 
A few weeks ago I talked about an awesome florist.. Well we've decided to meet with a few more. Even though this lady nailed my vision she was a bit costly. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about two other florist and we'll be meeting with both of them soon. 

Last week I booked our chairs and dance floor. The guy looked at me when I told him our delivery date and said "You do realize you have like 9 months, right? I've never seen someone reserve this so early!" 

I have also gotten our hotel blocks out of the way. 
In just a few weeks we'll be sending out our Save the Dates! YAY. I'll post pictures of the final product! 

Now, the next big vendor is our officiant! Yowza.
Happy, happy, Wednesday!


  1. Yey for wedding progress! That's great you found your videographer and secured them! I have an idea who we should hire, but need to meet with both of them in person first. We're also deciding on a florist, and should have that secured soon too!

    That's funny the dance floor vendor said you were the first bride to order so early.. that's great you're on top of it though! I'd rather be early than too late!

    I am thinking of reserving a couple different hotel blocks for our guests soon. Was it an easy process for you? Did you check to see if they'd charge you if the rooms didn't get reserved? I need to look into all of that.

  2. Good for you for planning ahead! You will be so thankful that you did! The things you put off because you don't think they need to be done just yet, come to bite you in the butt when you are just over a month out :)

  3. There is NOTHING wrong with being early - much better to get it all done and organized then be rushing at the very end and worrying right?
    Can't wait to see the Save the Dates!

  4. sounds like things are moving along :)
    We loved our Florist, Kimm Geranium Lakes! She nailed out vision!!

  5. I love your idea of Wedding Wednesday! And I am glad to know that I am not the only person planning a wedding and starting to reserve so much stuff so far in advance! Thanks for commenting on my blog and I'm enjoying reading yours!

  6. You've gotten so much done! The next 8 months will fly by. Here is hoping they are worry and stress free! :)