Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The things my fiance says...

Last night while laying in bed the Mr. and I had the following conversation:

Me: I called a florist today to schedule a consult. Maybe if she can do what we want for less we won't do our own center pieces.
Mr: Seriously? You've changed your mind again..? Why?
Me: Well, I just think that it would be less stressful if someone else does it all for me. I guess I haven't really made up my mind.
Mr: Gosh you're high maintenance!
Me: This shouldn't be a shock to you. You've known this from the beginning. It's not like I've ever acted like I was easy to please and my dad warned you!
Mr: Well, I didn't really know it from the beginning... I mean you do drive a Carolla.
Me: Ya, but I should be driving a Range Rover.
Mr: Great. 

Later this conversation occurred after I may or may not have panicked over our Christmas budget being a little too high:

Mr: Do you ever think that maybe you overreact a little bit...?
Me: No!
Mr: Are you sure..?
Me: No!!!
Mr: I mean if we had 100 or so people out there watching how you react to things sometimes you don't think the majority of them would think that you sometimes (read always) overreact...
Me:......Not if 98 of the 100 people watching are women.
Mr: Ya, that's what I thought.

I found these conversations funny. Hopefully most of you will too!

And for the record - ;)


  1. HA! We all overreact, we're women it's in our genes, it's connected to the love to shop gene I think. Scientifically speaking!

  2. So funny! This sounds like a conversation my husband and I would have!

  3. Love this! I go back and forth all the time - its part of our CHARM! Right?!

  4. We had the conversation about me changing my mind. J use to get really frustrated so I go to the point where once I decision was made, no matter WHAT I wouldn't discuss changing it. That seemed to help =) Good luck with planning! I'm looking forward to reading more about how it is all coming together =)

  5. This is basically hilarious and I basically love it!! The first one sounds TOTALLY like something I'd do and my bf sounds a lot like your fiance. hehe

    What ARE you going to do about the flowers??

    Carrie :)

  6. Love it! Thanks for stopping by, look forward to following your wedding planning from here!