Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm Super Excited!

Today has been a pretty crappy day.. My favorite Dr in my office is leaving us tomorrow and the owners let my assistant go.. Meaning that the two people who keep me sane in this work environment are no longer going to be working with me.  

However, after reading Sarah Elizabeth's post today I am super duper excited about our upcoming wedding and the fact that we decided to hire a Videographer. Watching that video only reinforced my decision to not skip this for our wedding. :)

Hope you all have had an awesome Thursday and I hope that after reading Sarah's post all your brides to be figure out a way to make video possible if you can in any way shape or form! :)


  1. I'd love a videographer, but it's just super pricey for us. I'm scared to go to Sarah's post cuz I know it's gunna make me want one!

    ::running away from this post::

  2. I hope that they hiure a cool new person so you can stay sane!!

    Also.. every time I read wedding blogs, and they post their wedding "video" I promise myself I will never ever skip on a photographer and a videographer! I cry EVERY time I watch them! I am such a sap!